Rigging 'Sultan' Rigging 'Kingi'

Mombasa and Kilifi NASA leaders tell Joho and Kingi to vacate office immediately before the courts ejects them. They have also withdrawn their support for Raila and vow to support reelection of Uhuru

Who are they again?:D:D:D

Shyt , kwa hivyo Amollo anapata 1.5 million votes, comes October 26th.

Coast Business Community


No they can’t be. Hawana dreadlocks and are not shabbily dressed.

When did you see Coast people dressed ovyo ovyo.

Exactly, they cannot be businessmen if they are that smart. They will not tackle the issue well.

round hii tumeamua.
alikataa kumpa hoho cheo cha principal sasa atajua hajui



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MM, dhamani ya ‘cheo cha principal’ ni gani?

Nobody wants to associate with a 4th time loser with the 5th lose imminent. After all he has never done anything for anyone. When they meet its always give me money, votes and do as I tell you. However nothing ever comes back in return.


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Business calls for DREADlocks and red eyes.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

'pends on the biz at hand…

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