Ridiculous things done by AfricanPoliticians


Country: Zimbabwe Year: 2007 A delegation of ministers were convinced to pay a $5million and a cow on the promise that diesel would come from a rock. They were convinced by a witchdoctor who claimed there was an ancestral spirit living in her.

Country: Malawi Year: ~2008 Former President of Malawi Dr. Bakili Mulizi promised to buy a whole village shoes once he got re-elected only to say later to say that he did not know the shoes-sizes of the people in the village when he was asked.

From The president launching a toilet to governors launching a transformer, Kenya takes the trophy & world record for the most weird politicians marathon in the world

In September 2018, A Kenyan politician allegedly bought all the newspapers in his county to avoid the spread of ‘bad news’ that he thought would taint his reputation.

Hahhahha waaah…best time to be alive

some governor in nigeria appointed his sister to be the minister for happiness



I saw a photo of Bokassa crying very tearfully at a French president’s funeral. Bokassa is the CAR president who declared himself an emperor and was literally eating his enemies for dinner.

Na mwenye alilaunch daraja la mbao na aliland na chopper?

Shyethole country!

Nigeria governor around 200 million naira dissappears, he is taken to court and in his defense tells the magistrate with a straight face that a big snake came into the office and swallowed the money then left

Nigeria money dissappears, governor tells court that the money was used to buy tractors for a farmers scheme, no single tractor found at the scheme…
Governor: huge wind came and blew all tractors away…

do you rememberr thhis one

lakini wasapere na bridge hebu wekeni ile bridge ya mabati ilifanyiwa official launch

I think two have passed out and died due to heart failure caused by consumption of viagra. Another one spends more time in Europe and rarely holds cabinet meetings na sijasema ni Paul Biya.

Macias Nguema. Chizi no. 1 wa Africa.

Killed the Central Bank Governor and carried the entire nation’s treasury to his house.
Shot anyone who wore spectacles saying they were enemies of the state
Banned the use of the word “intellectual” and destroyed boats to stop his people fleeing from his rule.
Put landmines on the only road leading to the border of Equatorial Guinea.

The current president is his nephew, Teodoro Obiang who got tired of his nonsense and shot him.

The current vice president is the son of Nguema’s nephew and is a notorious slay king. Was busted with 1.4 million USD last week and arrested. Even the worst colonizers, the French don’t want his thieving ass near him.

Gambian president made a cure for Hiv.

How about an MCA in Kerugoya launching a door



[SIZE=7]The remains of Central African Republic’s imperial past[/SIZE]



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