Richest game in football

Jaap Stam’s Reading take on Huddersfield Town today in the 2nd tier promotion playoff final this afternoon. It’s billed as the richest single game in football. I’ve seen both play & think they are, more or less, evenly matched. My money is on Huddersfield with Stam getting automatic promotion next season. We’ll soon see.

Thanks for the reminder. I might go watch this game

Stam is Reading’s manager…not the other way

Read it again.

170 million pounds??? Me sikuelewa anything!

Mbona hii game ya second division iko na pesa kuliko champions leauge???

Also remember, if the promoted team evades relegation the sum raises to £290m

The one game is richest because of the financial earnings the winner would potentially make the following season in the PL in prize money, advertisement earnings, TV money etc. It was summed up & it came to roughly 170M.

When 'Boro came up last season, I’ve read promotion was worth £200M.

Source? My understanding is last season the teams bagged £130m

It could be the 130m plus 75m in parachute payments.

Parachute payments are paid in yearly installments lets say 25, 20, 10 etc, so if a team is relegated within the first season after promotion they do not get the entire payment but something like just two installments. I could be wrong though.

The team finishing bottom next season are guaranteed almost £100 million, followed by parachute payments spread over the next two years of £75 million. (source is the Telegraph article above.)