riches, power and fame without peace of mind.

Reading an article on daily nation about Late prof. Saitoti, honestly, why would one gather all riches to an extent of becoming a billionaire, yet he cant enjoy the smallest things in life???
Why would one desire to be like Maina Njenga,???as i gather wealth, i will try to create less enemies as possible, i want to walk around without looking back on who is following me due to my corrupt past…

I draw alot of this from one of my personal friends here in Naivasha, for those of you who are conversant with this town, you know of GM, aka General masters, this is one of the richest guys in Naivasha town, he owns the biggest Hardwares in this town, building the biggest house in the whole of naivasha, but, Gm drives his ford ranger with lowered window, his not is not tinted at all… The dude has nothing to fear, he made his riches by selling genuine hardware stuff to people of naivasha, he doesn’t have to hide, he lives among friends not enemies, i wish that one day, when i will be a billionaire, i will drive myself in my favorite car everyday, and not feel threatened by my neighbors.

Sometimes you got to make enemies. You dont look for them. They come.

What that Naivasha guy doesn’t know is that he is under-estimating the number of enemies he has developed. People will always envy you, whether you got your wealth legally or illegally.

The guy is naive. Kariuki, Ouko, Tom mboya, Msando may also not have deliberately made enemies. You just have to be wary.

General Masters nimenunua pipes za pigstyeo afternoon.

You say you don’t have enemies coz you are employed and all you experience is simple office politics.

Once you become a businessman utajua maadui wako hawalali. Your worst enemies become people who know you. Hii imefanya nafikiria kamguu ka kuku kakaange hapa kwa hand rest mdogo mdogo.

Maybe your GM guy eliminated all his enemies. Anyway in life you will encounter friends and enemies in equal measure. How you deal with them is what determines the quality of your life. Saying you don’t want enemies is being too naive my fren.

Leo umenena

Not many bussinesmen can take food or a drink in public places. Even family gathering mtu hupewa food na bibi pekee.

I agree with as much as guys say it’s impossible .
If you do clean biz and know when to let go of a deal , it is possible to have no enemies.
If you have that greed in you ,to an extent you can not let go of a deal however sweet it may be, then you will have enemies for sure coz that’s one of the ways you start stepping in each other’s toes.
An example that happened in Medina, Saudi Arabia, a guy comes to buy something from one vendor, the vendor says o.k., but please buy it from my next door neighbour coz he hasn’t made a sell today .
It’s about how you live your life .

people looking at your success, envying you and developing hateful, maddening jealousy is not you making enemies. you make enemies when you unfairly take advantage of others because there’s nothing they can do about it. just refuse to be proud and greedy and you’ll die a happy old man.

Even poor people have enemies. True story; A guy in mid 30s ,let me call him X, asked a little thug barely out of highschool why he was living a life of crime. Little thug has been to prison severally for theft and he’s not past 23. Little thug tells mr x " I’ll roast you and feed you to the dogs. Guess what, on the same day at around midnight,Mr.Xs little house was up in flames. Lucky him no one was injured. Police arrested little thug but did not prefer charges since no one wanted to testify against little thug. Mr. X made an enemy despite his poverty.

Haha…wonderful wonder talks like such a shaggz mondos. You live in a town where you know the richest man. gicagi talk.

My old man nearly went like Thuo. Utajua hujui. Friends are the ones you should be worried about, not enemies

Nani alikuambia ati ukiwa clean ndo hauna maadui?? Young nigga started hustling yesterday, made some few coins and has started making steps in life. Now my cousin thinks that I’ve made it, therefore, each n erry second he’s on my neck asking for financial favours. To which if I refuse, no talking. But I don’t give no fuck, because while going up, you MUST come across friends n foes

Partly true but trust me when I tell you people are evil. A lilo hekaya.
One time I approched a company. I wanted to be their “smuggler” of some products that they used to ship. Actually we met after they ran into some trouble with customs and I helped them.
Now the company had 3 directors but as you know there is always one guy that usually runs the show. Well we didn’t agree on the pricing and so I never got the job. Much later one director insists that we should meet.
You won’t believe what the niccur wanted me to do. The niccur wanted me to make sure a huge consignment coming is confiscated and also send some guys that resemble the Nairobi business association to one of the directors. The amount of money this guy was willing to part with was also ridiculous. These were guys that resigned and formed a company together mind you.

You become successful by taking advantage of opportunities. In business, this involves out-competing those offering similar services or goods. These might want to eliminate the competition and that competition is you. Aslo, when you are above the poverty line in Africa, people will say that you are proud.

By the way, is county bar still operational?

Mr X did not make an enemy. little thug’s demons woke up because he was made to look inwards and hated what he saw. he thought he would eliminate that which reminded him of his shame and helplessness/inability to take control of his life…

county is open…hata nimepitia hapo half hour ago though sikuingia…

This is totally unrelated but I will shoot.
In my lowest moment, I realized I had no friends except those I made then. Those who didn’t need anything from me. All the while, I had struck good deals and we had shared tables with so called friends. Some who would run with projects money and render a young company insolvent.
Do your part and do it well morally, legally and professionally. At such point you can leave worries to the insurance company.

I never liked the place. The guy over did whatever he wanted to do.

What you wish for, you can’t find it in this world. If today you win a good amount of cash from sportspesa, the first investment should be reinforcement of your security. The devil is real and he does no honor goodness.