Richard,James And Jeremy Clarkson Moving To Sky???

Rumour has it that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are in talks with Sky to make a new program called Top Speed based on the same format as Top Gear. Too bad for many in the UK that Sky is pay t.v.

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nice…that trio chemistry is one of a kind…as long as we have torrents BBC can kiss our black asses


Breaking news hapa UK ni ati the director general of the BBC is today under police protection after recieving a “valid” death threat for dropping Jeremy.
In my opinion,wakienda Sky,they will loose at least 70% of their audience Brito and internationally.Usisahau in the UK,the BBC being public funded it doesn`t have commercials (adverts). You can watch every show bila interruptions ata movie. Sky on the other hand ni breaks every 10 minutes.I doubt that even wafuasi halisi wa Top Gear in its BBC format are prepared for that in the UK.

The boys have to make money somehow, at the end of the day. If this is the way then so be it. So long as they can justify their presence on Sky, the ‘30%’ of the audience that shifts with them should suffice as sufficient.


They may loose 70% in the UK but do remember that they have a wider audience globally,so outside the UK it won’t make a difference if BBC or Sky carry their show.v

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kazi ni kazi bora wapate pesa let them work for it

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