Revolution!!!! Here it is.

That is among the many jokes that people, especiallly the Thurakus and Tangatangas are posting. There will never be a revolution in Kenya for the next 40 years. First, Kenyans are cowards. Tell me, who will be on streets even for a whole day? Let’s not forget that our political correctness is defined by our tribal affiliations. There is only one man who was capable of staging a revolution and now he is dining with the enemies. Sasa hiyo mambo ya revolution mujiwekee kabisa.

I take it that you have never heard of the Mau Mau?

I also take it that you have never heard of Saba Saba or the decades long push to remove Moi Daniel?

Raila aliingia juzi na hizi makelele zake huwa hazi achieve intended objective. And he usually hijacks ongoing causes.

When thurakus protest hata Elizabeth alikubali. Hapan cheza. But there is no impetus because today you can vote the idiots out. That was the point of the 2nd liberation.

agwambo’s was not a revolution…and of course the recent “handcheque” summarised what he’s been all about

Na labda ni wewe huna pesa juu Kenyans siku hizi wanasema economy ni mbaya and yet the same fucker is chafuaring from Thursday to Saturday. Pombe ya 3sok per bottle, plus spirits plus mbuzi plus MWK etc.

Hata Sonko akiongeza parking fees aaaaiiiii hio sio tisho! 4sok pekee?!

maumau wakashinda war mashabik wakaenda na trophy…

.kamah…ukoo flani

Kumbe ata ukituita bonobo unaonanga mbali? Kudos!!

Uhunye na familia yake wakiendelea kufinyilia wananchi hio kiti wataionea viu sasa.

You are overestimating Kenyans.