Reviving Klist

If there is one thing that pained me last year it was the demise of Mr Wanderi. The man was a visionary - to have started Klist way back in 2004 puts the man right up there with the “Suckerbags” of these world.

He probably needed to promote the site more, instead of relying on organic growth, but thats not here nor there.

Any way, is there anybody among you with an idea on how we can revive the site? Am willing to spend some little money on giving it a second lease of life.

And dont start with the BS that Klist is dead and we need to move on. Were it not for that village, many many things would not have come to pass.

And am thinking in the new Kenya, with 10 million kids on the net every month, that site is worth its weight in gold, literally. I think Wanderi was too far away to fully commercialise it in Kenya - ads, promotions etc.

Call me a romantic, nostalgic fool but I wanna see the green colour of home again.




Nimekuja kuona kama matusi itaflow

On a serious note, the site, being an authentic Kenyan effort is worth our attention.

Btw, back in Klost there’s that guy who built his klist for show. Who was he and can he do it again?

I though about it, and all the proprietary issues, coding etc. And i though it may not be very feasible. Plus unga ya manki and co itakua affected.

Since this is a functional site, and likable so far, let us remain here, but we make it a tradition to be celebrating Wanderi’s anniversary for all generations to come. Better still, rename KTalk to KList.


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no lie i still miss the old village…but we can make this one a good one too…

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maybe the boss monkey @ol monk should offer a bottle of scotch to every talker who attains the village elder status as appreciation for being active and likeable

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I like but we shall die waiting for the quarter Jameson’s

Why now?

k talk and klost are similar,in klost the mods were stupid,here they are even worse,klost was homos mouthpiece same as here and many more similarities,the only difference is only in name,so let the sleeping dog lie

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@Supu don bebi… hii maneno nakubaliana nayo

Can you be positive for once? It is true ktalk is not klist, but we have found a way of interacting like we used to do. When klist went down, for some of us, it was a crisis, we searched everywhere. We would goggle anything klist until on the klist fb page somebody put a link to ktalk. We make ktalk even better.


Btw, how much are mods paid here? Wanderi (RIP) used to pay well.


Sema chenye unataka kusema. Nkt.

UWESkama niaje uncle

Am never the nostalgic type, once water flows under a bridge, tough luck trying to take it uphill again. This kind of thinking is the reason Kenyans always recycle mediocre leadership, being so stuck in the past you think nothing new can work. At times it’s wise to let go and move on


nani anaweza nisaidia kurevive hii?
it was such a good idea with lots of people in Nairobi tukimarket jam itapungua

He he, you are silly, that’s below the belt :D:D:D:eek:

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…ooh dear me…hes asleep…let Jimmy rest…he left a legacy not atteinable here…ktalk is almost an extension of klist…i wld however not suggest renaming ktalk.

Couch…sahau was asking of u…