Reverend Natasha bares it all ( photos)

You relax on a plane, even though you don’t know the pilot. You relax in a ship, even though you don’t know the captain .You relax on a bus, even though you don’t know the driver.

Why don’t you relax in life knowing that God is in control![ATTACH=full]247620[/ATTACH]

how many souls has she turned to Jesus?

Why does she look dumb to me?

and sound dump. these people using motivational quotes to spread the Gospel normally puts me off. We have the Bible, use it.

instead of this useless stuff si you guys contribute to [U][B]this topic here[/B][/U]

Wapi breakfast? Hata kama ni kiporo na strong tea.

pilot hayuko,ndege iko grounded,what kind of a photo shoot is this…and that ‘smoke’ ,clearly some…

Worst Photoshop

What the hell… is that smoke?

Moto kubwa needs an extinguisher

Fake Pastor chieth

Mecho imengaa. Asandi sana

Deorro should note this and start a food section

:D:D wewe ni fala

Hizi dini bwana…hasara tupu!

Hapa umeniweka kwa mixer nanii:D

Non-believers don’t give a shit

Beauty plays a big role… otherwise, she’d be wandering at Marikiti stall after stall with her old Bible.

tithe up skirt!!! acha kitunguu inuke

Bleaching piece of shit