Revenge mara hiyo hiyo

Residents of Kakuma refugee camp have lynched a suspect accused of murdering five students and a night guard at Lokichogio Mixed Secondary School in Turkana County.

The suspect had been arrested by police before the locals stormed Kakuma police station and burned him.
Ibrahim was a form one student who attacked the school in the company of three others after he was expelled from the institution over indiscipline.

County police commander Ronald Opili confirmed the incident and said that he was apprehended in Kakuma refugee camp as he tried to flee to South Sudan.
County Commissioner Seif Matata said one of the attackers responsible for the Saturday morning incident was a student who was on suspension.

“Several students were injured. We cannot confirm the number until we liaise with the hospital,” Mr Matata told journalists in Lodwar town.

He said he is from the Toposa tribe of South Sudan.

Haiya… damn…


Instant justice…just add water.

Sante bro
MMNN iko nyuma

Tears of joy…

Hakuna kupoteza wakati

That’s the only way to deal with the situation.

It instil fear to the wannabe

apana cheza na waturkana…

Hehe, huyo jamaa amefanyiwa kazi. Pics zingine ni ngori tu. Yeye na ujinga yake amekimbilia Kakuma refugee camp na kuwasha simu. Amejua hajui. Amechomolewa loc 100cm x 100cm

Ingekuwa Meru tungetahiri tena na tena.hadi mjolowatever ikuwe fupi. Kisha tuchome gasia.
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Kiari gietu nibui?

Ata wakienda wapi serikali iko jicho

Good riddance. That was one unstable mafucka

He didn’t act alone, there goes the link to the rest of his cross-border comrades

Hata hao hawaendi mbali.

It may be so but this maneno has been going on for a long time because the culprits simply cross the border into S. Sudan or Ethiopia and no pursuit is made.

Expect retaliatory attacks.

What’s with these South Sudanese? We try to be helpful and accommodate them after they’ve fucked up their country and this is how they repay?

una chomeka na bado una chapwa mawe…that’s double punishment

Ferk, the guy was an ex SPLA soldier with a criminal record. What business did he have being in school and why did the school administration allow such an old foreigner to their school?