( NSFW ):

Clearly a bombshell is being dropped here …



Can any knowledgeable individuals in here kindly translate the subject matter for the benefit of those who cannot understand this matter … ??? :D:D

Something about a chicken.

Kwani ni makosa kuosha rungu na Christine Nguku ?

Hiyo ngoko sio mbaya, shida inakaa kuwa na kelele mob kwa nyumba

:D:D:D ni Kama ni mlunje msapere anaambiwa akomire na nguku yaani alideenyer kuku .that’s non other than @kanguthu , sheeeenziii Sana ([SIZE=1]ongeza tone ya kiongoss atwoli)[/SIZE]

I saw that …:D:D:D:D:D

it was a video about a geriatric couple throwing a ruckus where the old lady claimed that the man of the house was putting the wand in the chamber of secrets…of the gallus domesticus a.k.a chicken

Its all about eating a chicken

Even Simiyu knows what ngoko is?!!

mwalimu mkumbwa geriatric ndio nani


Just to clarify …

Was it an accusation that the Man of the House “ate” a Hen … ??? :D:D