Revealed: jomo kenyatta was a believer in socery

In the preface of his book ’ Facing mount Kenya’ Kenyatta narrated on how he believed and practiced dark powers …now wonder they still break calabashes and worship mungiki and mugumo tree…
No wonder bees chase them whenever they want to cause mayhem to noble people like Maraga…

Nguvu za giza zishindwe katika jina la Yesu Amen

Wah…hiyo ni kidole inakaa nubi za south sudan

But the Bible joined Africans… Now I am Confucius$#&

Ngunia moja ya makaa mbeca ngapi ,ndugu

Every community had it’s beliefs. Luos consulted ancestors to get names for kids (seen in books like the river and the source), Kambas have ritualistic dances for healing and restoring environmental balance called Kilumi, Yoruba have birth and death rituals that could be seen as backwards right now…so if you’re judging anyone based on African traditional religion, then all our predecessors have done sorcery and consulted black magic (consulting ancestors).

Good info. Guess who will STILL nefa efa efa be prk.

at least mungich have never slept with the dead

The number of hate threads you have posted today is underwhelming… This one doesn’t have enough vitriol so it null and void ongeza ingine.

Huyu si mnyanye wa kwenu anachomwa juu ya sorcery? Hata labda ni distant relative wako…

Wacha I surprise you even more my own maternal great grandmother was a seer…so what Kenyatta’s father was is not news since before the whiteman (btw Kenyatta was born before Christianity set foot in Central province) African practiced witchcraft including your forefathers. What is news is a 70s’thing man seeking dark powers so as to become president. Anything else you want to share?

heheheh @coldpilsner unakuanga na umeffi sana

‘Nitakufanya’ SV very soon.keep posting


This belief was forced on him when someone narrated to him about night runners and witches being burnt alive in certain parts of 254.
Indeed all that those guys need to prove that you’re a witch/ night runner, are grey hair, red eyes and black fingers.
And you’ll qualify for a barbecue session right inside your hut.

Hii yote ni upusu

Kwanza tuskie hii