Rev. Timothy Njoya



color clashing

:D:D:D huyo reverend sijui nini shida yake, he concentrates so much on sex topics.

Kupigwa pigwa na gsu sio mchezo ,inafanya unakua slow.

Ngai. So those women would also have to undergo FGM in order to donate to the ones who had theirs removed.

Labda anataka kuanzisha biashara ya kuuza second hand clits.

Wacheni kamzee kajiwachilie. Ameona mengi

Someone is trying to be funny

he has written a whole book on the ka-organ…i don’t know if it is from diverse observation…
by the way hata hiyo john haukins university sijui ni gani…

angalau bbanaa Moi alinyoroha hio burukenge sanaa

Kuwa serious:D:D:D:D

hahahha… White/pink on black.

Hehehe but I read somewhere that the kathing can still be restored through surgery of sorts. I like his daughter though…


He is virile man.

Ni chida ya maandichi!

Dr. Wandia…smart woman

If Gashwin finds out what Wandia is about he’ll start frothing at the mouth.

feeling good now?

:D:D:D:D I know