Sigwesi patia sirkal pesa yangu for 15yrs. Afasali ninunue siamba that will have tripled in15yrs.

Hahaha! Seriously? Unataka sema ukinunua shamba Leo at 5m, itakua worth over 15m in 15yrs?

kindly what does these rates mean?

I know someone who bought a plot in Kandisi, Rongai in 2007 for only 40k.
Saa hii anapewa offer ya 900k anakataa.
Yes, land appreciates very fast but it’s very dependent on location and growth potential.
Cc @Okiya

Land appreciation is dependent mostly on unforeseeable events or developments. For example, land can appreciate by 1000% within few years if a government institution or administration is set up there. It is not value for money however for buyers at that high price.

I agree 15 years is long but you can opt for bills instead. You cant keep all your money in fixed assets like land. Near-cash assets are very important. Bonds are very good for retirement

Hapo Kandisi ni pazuri sana.Wizi ndio mob

Lazima watu wakaribishwe:D

Hehehehe…kwanza hapo Kwa River ndio kubaya saiti

Bonds are the way to go. Especially long term and if you reinvest the interest you can retire very comfortably

Nice investment.

you can resell in secondary market before 15yrs

Time ya land kuappreciate iliisha. Sasa ivi kama una more than 10 million buy treasury bonds. Kama una 3-10m jenga rentals. Kama una 100k-3m fanya biz.