Respect among the guys

Kuna this friend tumekuwa tukitambua sana juu lately (last 3 Fridays) amekuwa akikuja na some very hot woman ulevi. Most of us don’t go with our women to clubs on Friday/Sato night for obvious reasons. Sasa sato was when he broke the news, that the woman is a single mother. All the respect from the guys is gone. They all claim that was the catch:D…“amekuwa akituringia na single mother”…apparently, people think less of the guy because he is dating a SM

return on investment iko juu sana kwa singo matha…utapewa hiyo kitu yoooooote kapsaa

That is why you should smash and LEAVE. He can still leave right now because he is playing with house money, before he makes her pregnant.

:D:D Pelekeni Culture polepole

Mambo m2random

nileteeni huyo hot single mother…these kids need father figures in their lives

Mtura Ndom nipe through pass. :D:D:D:D:D

The nigga is dating her so siwes kupea throughpass to someone’s ‘wife’. The only problem mimi huona na single mothers is the financial baggage for 18yrs. I guess this is what wears most men down hence the high divorce rates for them. Several months down the line ndume inaanza kuona inaenda job inachomwa na jua kulea mbegu ya mtu mwingine. Something’s got to give

mturandom kumanyoko

@M2Random shida iko wapi ? mwacheni akule kuma mpaka achoke then atajitoa mwenyewe

Wacheni mama mtu apate bwana.

@kah tony your strategy is working

He did not apply the strategy to the letter. Hata wewe unajua.

Haha. Wanaume wako na shida sana. They just got a reason to reduce him from the perch walikuwa wamemepea. It does not reduce the fact that she is hot juu ni single mother.

We date many women who we don’t marry. I think in psychology inaitwa rationalization when you want to explain a situation in a way that makes you happy.

Aki wivu ni mbaya. :smiley: You guys are celebrating coz the lady is in your view ‘used goods.’ Sad :frowning:

Most of my friends who had strong opinions on who they would or would not marry ended up marrying the complete opposite person. So msishangae mkiskia mtu random ameoa single mother alafu akaenda chini ya maji.

btw alienda wapi? siku hizi amekimya kaa Maji ya mtungi

@M2Random = @Quanstrom

Kama ni mama Abby then it’s okay…atleast huyo jamaa atanyonya pesa za Ruto

Present. Just keeping a low profile and watching from the sidelines.