[SIZE=5]Safaricom sheds Sh20bn in week of Nasa boycott[/SIZE]

Telecoms operator Safaricom’s SCOM • 24.75 market valuation shed Sh20 billion in the first week of opposition coalition Nasa’s call on their supporters to boycott the firm’s services.
The marginal drop in the share price is seen to signal the resilience of the company, which accounts for nearly 40 per cent of trading at the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), and to be a reflection of the fact that investors have yet to get enough information on the boycott’s potential to move the market in either direction.
Some analysts, however, insisted that the political action was unlikely to affect the company’s share price in the longer term, especially because they expect revenue growth to remain on course.
“There is only a small element of the boycott to Safaricom’s share price performance, attributable to investor sentiment. In our view, the slight drop is mainly due to a price correction after release of first half results, and precisely because the 9.5 per cent year-on-year profit growth was lower than anticipated,” said Dyer & Blair head of research Linet Muriungi.
“We may, however, see subscriber growth either stabilise or soften marginally in the short term, where the organic growth in subscriber numbers is offset by those leaving.”
Ms Muriungi said she did not expect a decline in service revenues because the migration is more likely to be in the subscriber base that accounts for low value monthly credit usage rather than among premium customers who account for the lion’s share of the service revenue…


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You wish!! The reason why share prices went down is because of opportunistic investors. Have you ever realised just before announcement of dividends the share price of safaricom always seems to spike up?
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The only Economic boycott that works is where countries face-off through embargoes, sanctions and the likes…what my nasa friends don’t understand is that companies buy shares of each other competitors to protect the market in a way. So at the end of the day nobody losses. They should stick to the demos maybe that was working… NOT!


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I remember the same was said about Equity Bank for 10 years now, its keeps on growing and making more money. Now its KQ and even worse is Nakumatt.

On Safaricom, I pray to be still here in 2070 when it will be a global tech firm having left mobile decades ago. Hating has no impact in a company trajectory.

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