Resist njeri,shiko,wambui..

Couple of other things left out in that list that ought to be added…



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huyo Njeri ako sawa

I resist

Njeri and Nyambura vvv beautiful

For those already married and in a relationship, should they also resist. Asking on behalf of orengo who is married to house of Mumbi.

Good morning, what a beautiful chilly morning.


Huyo njeri ni wa mzansi, acha kutubeba.

Tunajua physical features za Njeri tukiziona :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Not possible.

Tuwekee Ruth Odinga we compare.



He is married to a certain vaite lady…

Any dim eye who is well off chances ameoa from the slopes



Kwani huyu Njeri hakuchezacheza na kukwaruza magoti akiwa mtoto? How can her knees be that smooth and bila scars??:(:frowning:

hiyo picha ametumia filters

Cocoa butter.

It reminds me of Cleopatra who socked in milk before taking a bath.

wewe nikama unaeza amini man used to fly . na ni SOAKED si SOCKED .