residents eant idps moved

Residents of Pipeline, Punda Mlia
and Mzee Wanyama want the
Internally Displaced Persons moved
from the area to .
The residents complained that the
IDPS are stealing their farm produce
hence interfering with their
Agricultural activity in their farms.
Sarah Wanyama, a resident in
Pipeline area said the IDPs sneak to
their farms at night and steal, the
fact that provoked them.
She claims that last week IDPS
destroyed her one acre maize
plantation, therefore forcing her to
harvest unready green maize to
avoid more losses.
''These people’s activities forced me
to harvest green maize and sell them
at a throwaway price to save them
from further destruction”, she said.
Ms Wanyama urged the both Nakuru
county and National governments to
re -settle the IDPS so that they can
have ‘a peace of mind’ over their
Sarah observed that IDPs in the
camp live in extreme poverty hence
it becomes nearly impossible for
them to survive on genuine terms.
Mr Allan Wanjohi, a resident of
Punda Milia area said he has been
forced to put his farm under 24 hour
surveillance to keep a way iIDPs from
his farm.
He said the IDPs have become a
nuisance in the area as they steal
everything including household
items such as plates and farming
Mr Mwanjohi added that they will be
forced to take law into their hands
to combat the vices.