Representation of women in Ktalk Elite Squad

Our Elite Squad aka Staff Members have clearly not observed the issue of gender diversity. Women are significantly under-represented in this squad…Please admin do something.

NOTE!! I am not campaigning to be a member, God knows Ktalk would instantly turn into a porn hub, where squirting, pussy and dick is the order of the day!!

Also we don’t want people like Supu(Klost)…It’s called Elite for a reason.

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Kitchen,kitchen tafasary


Good observation.@admin tunataka @Purr_27 awe women’s representative. Patia yeye cheo. tafasari.

Wewe tunakucheki sana na macho ya Muite.

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Why not @Supu don? She has 7 yrs experience moderating KLost.

“Also we don’t want people like Supu(Klost)…It’s called Elite for a reason.”

below the navel

hawa wanawake waki pewa cheo utakaliwa mbaya sana…

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@zarina (is she still around?) had been the mod’s post and she relinquished earlier on in Ktalk’s younger days.

usikubali hiyo story @admin …men rule the world women rule our big nutz…thats the natural order of things…

And above the knees …

So long as she doesn’t stop talking about her pussy and Kegel exercises

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If she ain’t interested can we please have another one…

Kwenda pika ugali. Siasa achia wanaume

zarina = Unicorn

1st come 1st served… alipewa akakosana na admin

Hahaha, alikosanaje na admin Ebu tupatie hiyo story

Chunga vile unaniongelesha wewe . Have some respect kwa wakubwa wako.


Hata mimi wacha nivae sketi nifunge lesso nivute stool nipewe uhondo

We dnt recycle bitches…

Unicorn asante kwa kunipigia kura lakini naona tutapigana na @Deorro . .