Repossessed Vehicles

I’m thinking of purchasing a repossessed car zile za middle class ameshindwa kulipa loan, instead of importing or buying locally. Who has any experience in this, including the auction process? Is it advisable? TIA

For all I know they have a reserve price.
Banks power of sale is now exercised at the prevailing market value

In other words unasema it is not worth the extra trouble ama?

There are people who do either that/salvage for a living and make alot of$$ Do Auction Things Carry Bad Omen - General - Kenya Talk

Bought several savage vehicles na sijaona izo mashetani.Upuss

Hii thread inasema kuna demons accompanying auctioned property…So inakaa ukinunua hizo magari, pelekea pastor ziombewe to remove the curses

I actually trade them a lot…nothing like bad omen.

Ni kama copart?

That’s because they were already a savage lot, as you said, mkubwa…ndío sababu hazitambui mashetani.

autocorrect:):)kisungu nakuja na mpeperu

Copart deals with insurance vehicles mostly if am not wrong. Hizi ni run and drive na hazinaga accident.

What’s the rate on a Toyota snake?

If you are serious nitafute.

Hio haipandagi haishukangi 400-500k

Thanks, delivered one from Malaba to Kenol, damn it the car is beautiful.