replacing my toyota wish

narrowed my search to these two… swali gani ni more economical kenya?? in terms of spares na mafuta??

There’s nothing economical about those cars…
… But I’d go for the Subaru, coz of the boxer engine .

wrong cars to ask such questions.
if used the way they are supposed to, you better have good amounts of disposable income. both will drink like uwes drinks gibleys. spares for subaru wrx/sti are more available and thus cheaper compared to evo. however both are performance cars, bei ya parts sio kama za kawaida cars.
otherwise, choose another toyota.

I there anything specifically bad about wish? Want to buy one for family.

gear box failure… twice in one year

we naona Lamboghini inakufaa…it is more economical in terms of fuel

CVT? How much is repair/replacement?

niko na older model ile ya 2007… cost ni 45k. newer model niliambiwa transmission ni 120,000… so ukibuy endea the older model

performance cars na economical don’t go hand in hand. Nunua tu Honda Stream or Mazda Premacy to replace your 7 seater Wish.

kuna insurance companies mingi hukataa ku insure subarus,especially if they are under one million in value,and also if the owner is under 35.also the resale value of a subaru is very wanting

Take the Sub. Spares will be more readily available. But if you are a real petrolhead, go for the evo, spares be damned! In this internet age, you can always get spares online though ofcourse it will cost more.

Are you MAN enough?

si necessarily about fuel economy natafuta something iko na good build quality enye inaeza take abuse without breaking down easy


Wewe nunua Subaru ,na si hizi umeweka nunua Forester xt STI ama the Lichfield version ya hio Forester, lakini be careful apana taka kuja mazishi ya a fellow talker

you cannot compare consumption of a toyota wish valvematic with these cars. Totoya wish consumption valvematic is very very low compare to these. Its like moving from a xtrail to a prado and comparing consumption

I have a wish - one of the best cars i have bought. It is a 2011 valvematic. It has the best consumption i have ever found in such big wagon. When i fuel full tank i go nairobi to mombasa and back to Nairobi. Spare parts all over cheap. Service cheap. When you get it the only thing you do is increase road clearance - springs. Go for valvematic and you will never regret

was the wish bought in Kenya because it had to be misused by Kenyans before you got it?

lucky nigga

First time i picked it at the port Mombasa, i fueled full tank, engaged ‘eco mode’ and by the time i arrived in my house in Nairobi, the fuel indicator had not even come close to half tank - i had used about 2500/= worth of fuel. I thought it was a joke. Following day i turned back to Mombasa, by the time i arrived Mombasa, i had some fuel in my tank to loiter in Mombasa.

My friends axio consumes more than my wish and he is selling it to get a wish after experiencing mine

I cannot trade the wish for its consumption is the best i have found for a 7 seater big wagon of its size

V6 audi on fulltank hufika Kilifi, loiter around na Kurudi nairobi