Replacing an Ogiek Senator with a Kikuyu!

I don’t know much about the Ogiek other than what I have read. However, what I know for sure is that selfishness of some of these Kikuyu bastards stinks to high heavens. Yaani after appointing Kikuyus in all arms of government bado mnawanyang’anya Ogieks their kasmall position of nominated senator?

Hamna ata aibu mkikunywa maziwa ya mtoto jameni!!?

When Kikuyus face the same predicaments in future, they should not complain for they have created the monster themselves!

He’s an IDP so mhurumie tu

our curses are lethal, even in this time and age .

This things are done deliberately to keep the tribal animosity among the population burning. It is this tribal animosity (disunity) that is the biggest factor that prevents the population from raising up against the criminal leadership. Your reaction to this is a very good example of how perfectly it works i.e it creates hatred against Kikuyus which is exactly what the leadership wants.

At this very time, open hatred between RV kalenjins and Kikuyus is critically needed and will most probably get to killings, house burnings and evictions very soon.

Sisi kama wajaluo tuko nyuma ya uongozi dhabiti wa Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Speak about yourself, only! Not all of us are stupid!

Isaac Mwaura (Kikuyu) was replaced by Sammy Leshore (Samburu). Not that I give a ratz azz, but why was it not an issue then?

  1. In the 2019 census, the Ogiek community was 52,000 with those speaking the language only 500. Ogieks are, to all intents and purposes, dead, gone just like the ndorobo, elmolo, Kinare, Kore, Lorkoti, Sogoo.These people have been totally assimilated into other Kalenjin subtribes.
  2. What Ogiek interests did the late senator Victor Prenegi advance in the house or on the national platform that we can say kweli kuna gap imeachwa it needs to be filled by an Ogiek? Dude was just drawing salary and filling UDA numbers. We first heard of him posthumous.
  3. Why would Jubilee nominate another Kale, sorry, Ogiek only for him to face Sugoi the very next day?
  4. Nominating to special interests groups is not limited to Ogieks. There are very many other special interest groups in Kenya. The seat was reserved for SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS and not ogieks. the special interests can change/vary/be substituted any time. An IDP, a youth fills the gap just as well.

Samburu are a minority tribe in Kenya. In fact, that replacement should have happened earlier.

@il torobo kuja hapa mbio mbio

There are many other marginalized communities in the country and Agikuyu is not one of them. Using IDP tag to defend such blatant tribalism is enough prove of everything that I have been saying and believing. Nuff said!

Mobilize your cousins and brothers mwende Kondele mng’oe reli basi.

Exactly. the late senator had been nominated to represent the youth not ogiek. There are no nomination seats for tribes. Also these kaleos whether nandi or okiek pretend to be jubilee when they want goodies but once wakipata, they run to UDA and start insulting jubilee.

Ogiek are kaleos and kaleos arent marginalised. And in any case the seat was for the youth not marginalised communities.


Meanwhile, rest assured that after Uhuru, never will a Kikuyu be allowed to oppress Kenyans again. Uhuru is the last!

you are afterall, half human.
Your entire existence is for me to be pleased and entertained everytime you are in some sort of pain.

Ogieks are founding members of the kikuyu tribe. They deserve respect

wangepea mzungu au mshona hio kiti

Gikuyu Freedom Fighters brought you this freedom that you are now misusing.

Am guessing done deliberately to antagonize the violent brainless.