Renewing DL online

Nilishangaa juzi nimepeleka makende kwa posta kurenew DL en they gave me the eye like u must be an idiot…
I was adviced tht service is only available online or frm NTSA offices
Nisaidieni na link tafasari… ama direction but online is much easy…

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On the same note, what if yours is not reflecting on their systems what steps do you take?

[SIZE=4]vile @The_Atheist[/SIZE], amesema. pesa ya kurenew iwe kwa mpesa in advance, na uweke mbisha ya hiyo licence / renewal slip

is it genuine?

What do you mean not reflecting on the system? As in you aren’t able to create an account coz your ID no. is wrong ama?

You visit Huduma Centres and they will rectify that. Many people are experiencing the problem

@Riddim and @The_Atheist yah mine is genuine, when i login into my account and navigate to the renewal section the system responds with an error “records not found”. i have sent numerous emails but no response from those guys.

mine is reflecting another persons name.

I see here guys with fake DL 's especially matatu drivers are going to be in deep shit.

its as easy as abcd… just get to NTSA site , register to ecitizen , use your Id no. your dl no. will appear then renew , but be patient coz its sometimes slow.

Thanks guys I did it[ATTACH=full]5417[/ATTACH]

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Notice… hio class ni ya wazito

Sasa unajipiga kakifua for giving the govt a paltry 1,450 shillings?

Jaribu vile Guru I [/I]amesema, na uweke mbisha ya hiyo licence / renewal slip kama[SIZE=4] @snapdragon (Senior Villager) isiwe tunadeal na hekaya.[/SIZE]


Ni class nataka uone buda boss kua mless:D:D:D

Danguro za MaMomo hayakubaliki


I’m sure business name is actually ‘DANGURO YA MAMOMO’ in full caps.:smiley: