Removing google censore

is there a way to remove google censore watermark? Wanted to watch the ugandan lady in jail Panadol wa Basajja original water video but iko na the google watermark.

Ati? Ugandan lady in Jail? Ebu fafanua

Her stage name is Panadol wa Basajja ( meaning Medicine for men) but her real name is Kansime something. She has bedeen in jail for 5 weeks for that xrated music video. if convicted, she will be jailed for 10 years at only 21 years!

:eek::eek::eek::eek: 10 years!!! Damn!!

museveni is nuts.hataki kuevolve

10 yrs …eish, Museveni ni mjinga sana :confused::confused::confused:

@jambazim Ebu weka link :rolleyes::rolleyes:

video link

and the story link ndio hii…

There is and original video that she first did which is what is censored. looking for the link .

ebu weka yako x rated tuone kama uhuru ni mjinga kama musuveni

this is the link to the original song before the remix

@dr Luther and any IT gurus, how do you remove youtube censorship watermark?

Utawesa kweli :D:D

I thought museveni only had a problem with gays, kumbe hata coomer ni balaa kwake?

you cant. Its been put up that way. Your only hope is to find the uncensored video.
If we had the means to remove the watermark, noone would leave the house, we would be removing more than watermarks!

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its not museveni lakini that made clergy culture minister

Her videos make Nonini’s look like teletubbies