Remote Dev Jobs

How would a newbie who can’t leverage his experience and/or network get these remote dev jobs from
companies/individuals abroad? Phoney portfolios and overseas companies?

Hack their systems and offer yourself a job… DONT forget to include yourself in the payroll

Like you’ve done yourself?

Have you undertaken any project for a local business yet?

Been thinking of this for a while. I work too hard for shit money. I need to find an abroad company that I can work with

upload your projects on GitHub and start sending emails. The Readme should have the screenshots of your software in action, apana andika insha mrefu mrefu pris.

I have tried lakini sijapata

@administrator nipee kazi

Create your profile here

What is your skill set?

Web development and desktop application programming

Yes I have. I’ve created a simple ERP for a certain firm in Nairobi, and a dozen or so websites for local companies.

You can bet the pay wasn’t good that’s why I’d like to try my luck with overseas businesses.

I’m now working on a demo version of the same as I update my portfolio and Github.

Not that you asked me :smiley: but I’m good at Vanilla JS, PHP, SQL and Kotlin for android development. I’m learning the MERN stack now.

Sounds like you already got a solid handle on this.

In your other post you mention skills in vanilla JS and PHP. I’m curious to know if you’ve implemented any javascript or php frameworks for your projects before?

I’d like to think so.

While I haven’t used any Javascript framework in my projects yet, I have some experience working with Laravel. I built the first version of the (ERP) system I mentioned above in Laravel but the client asked me to re-implement it in legacy PHP from scratch. I had no choice but to oblige. I used Bootstrap for the frontend.

Why did they make such a ridiculous ask? Are they using old server software or something?

Wapi? Eti they were concerned about the size of the application due to the myriad of Laravel packages that’d be needed. Their tech lead knows nothing about Laravel and I guess he didn’t have the guts to admit he couldn’t maintain the application owing to sheer ignorance.

Quite a rigid lot those are because you can master the framework’s basics in just a couple of days. I needed the dough so I chose to oblige.