Reminisce, Recall, Remember, Recollect?

History seems to be repeating itself. How prepared are you this time for withdrawal symptoms?[ATTACH=full]9558[/ATTACH]

I’ll give up and register to xvideos and also pay for premium access

too many connections on the DB:eek:

Relax @Okiya the admin is doing something about it (tonite).
You know at Krost we were always kept in the dark, at least here we are being informed well in advance.

This sounds so eerily familiar. Have we gone full circle?Kenyagen twasija.

Mi ntakua tu kiguest!

Kenyagen wajitayarishe kupata wageni. @ekamsweu anza kuosha nyumba


How about you indicate the date… Thought this maintenance happened last night[/user]

Thot I saw this message last night,at four a.m

Maombi ya kenyagen yanajibiwa.

Hahaha…me too cumbag!

watu wamejaa sana ktalk kushinda the capacity we had planned for. therefore ili msisumbuliwe na Error in connecting messages usiku wa Manane admin alikuwa anaongeza space which was a temporary solution. tonight though it will be a permanent solution once and for all… leo nimetumia layman’s language

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Sasa the message is very clear. watu wengine wanaona ni kama error message.

si mungetoa wale wanajaza server with gay orintation, watu wa recycle, na those who post crap

Iko watu wanafaa kuchujwa ndio resources zipatikane.

creating room for new members too

I hope mtaachuja the 13 robots who are always online.

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@Electronics4u Nimehook up nearly 5 of my guys with this site, admin utatoa mpango nni.

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robot help us collect site stats, place us on search engine results etc