Remember Jane mugo the "most wanted criminal" by the DCI?The expose' on Westlands Underworld,in my opinion is what she was being fought for

A well-choreographed plan reportedly made by Deputy Inspector of Police Edward Mbugua, Head of Immigration Services Alex Muteshi, Makadara Member of Parliament George Aladwa, DCI officers, Lawyers among other players to deport an Indian family so that they can take over the family’s vast wealth has been unmasked.
This follows Citizen TV’s exposé dubbed Westlands Underworld that placed the aforementioned persons at the nerve centre of the plan whose end goal was to deport the family so that they change ownership of the properties owned by Dilip Bakrania and sister Hansa Bakrania.
The story, in all appearances, like a well-scripted movie, began when Nisha Jiyantilal came back from the United Kingdom to demand a share of the property from his uncle, Dilip and Hansa.
Nisha is a daughter to Dilip’s brother whom together they founded a business empire worth millions of shillings that is under contention.
The brother died in 2010.

However, according to the exposé, Nisha came back wanting to inherit the property alone that she sought the help of immigration officers, police, politicians among other brokers to have her uncle and aunt deported so that she can inherit the property alone.
According to Hansa, Nisha had told them that she wished they were dead so that she can inherit the properties alone.
Nisha then seemingly held a meeting with the Deputy Inspector of police alongside an influential Indian man identified as Sanjay to draft a plan that will see her mission accomplished.
A series of events later followed that things started going haywire for Dilip and her sister Hansa.
Their passports were taken from them on grounds that it was set for modification so that they can continue operating businesses in Kenya.
However, that was not the case. Their personal gun was also taken and what followed is a series of harassment meted on Hasha and her brother Dilip.

The turn of events sent them into suspicion that they sought the help of private investigator Jane Mugo to comb through the matter.
According to Dilip, Makadara Member of Parliament George Aladwa become part of the criminal syndicate when they gave him Sh500,000 to sort their passport issues but nothing came out of it.
However, the MP denied the allegations despite accepting that he knew two guys, identified as Kevin and Ochieng, who are part of the syndicate.
The Head of Immigration Services, Alex Muteshi, is said to have pocketed Ksh1 million in the saga but he disputed the narrative saying he only heard of the allegations.
Deputy Inspector of police, Mr Mbugua, who is reportedly part of the intricate web through numerous text messages that identified him as DIG, did not grant an interview despite numerous request by the Citizen Tv journalist.
However, with the help of the private investigator, Mugo, Dilip and Hansa got their passports back after.

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As usual ,greed.

Shithole country!

I saw George Aladwa and I knew he was up to no good and I was right as usual.

[SIZE=7]Police DIG Kinuthia, MP Aladwa to be probed after damning Citizen TV expose[/SIZE]

Deputy Inspector General of Police Edward Kinuthia and Makadara MP George Aladwa are among those to be investigated after damning claims in the Citizen TV expose Westlands Underworld.

His boss Hillary Mutyambai on Tuesday ordered that investigations into the matter should begin immediately.

“Towards this end, any member of the public, including Citizen TV, with documentary evidence on the said matter are invited to submit information to the Director Internal Affairs Unit; National Police Service…,” Mutyambai said in a statement.

The investigators are to submit their report within 14 days.

Mutyambai revealed that the decision was reached following a meeting with Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and DPP Noordin Haji on Tuesday morning.

Citizen TV aired the expose on Sunday showing how senior government officials use their positions to allegedly harass and intimidate a wealth Asian family

but all in all it goes to show how the “hardworking and industrious” indian community operates things

do these indians even pay taxes …we all know kuficha pesa kwa nyumba stared b4 independence…