Religious texts are poetry not prose

I think non religious people tend to discredit religious texts because they tend to read them like they were old newspapers but if you were to actually comprehend the metaphors contained in those hekayas you would realise that they hint towards some intricate and unchanging aspects of the human condition. You don’t have to subscribe to any particular faith to recognise that there is an insane amount of wisdom to be gleaned from the Torah/Bible/Quran.


would i be wrong to deduce that the “forbidden fruit” from the “tree of knowledge” was actually a sex act,where man now “knows” how babies are formed? it is such "metaphors that make people read that book “like a newspaper”,everyone comes with a different interpretation hence pastas living larger than the congregation because a verse says to “buy a helicopter for daddy and mummy”…yet JC didn’t have a house,he didn’t even keep the stable he was born in. I am pretty sure your interpretation is askewed from another xtian denomination. nowonder munaruka ruka kwa kila kanisa ju bibilia inasomwa tofauti. anyway,its religion,can’t get all people in line

“The entire Bible can be reasonably considered poetry – even a single long poem. The Bible is poetry partly because of the beauty of its language, but more importantly because its structure hints at realities that remain so complex that they are still expressed most suitably in narrative and metaphor. This is a characteristic of genuine art, which aims at expressing the still inexpressible.”

i agree.
there are those who believe the Bible was a collection of what Humans were going through. their experiences with each other and the world.
maybe those who sought answers found it and started subscribing to it the same way we have to log in to Ktalk, watsup, facbok, twita, newspapers… and somehow it ended up being a religion (forced in most instances)

as you have said, if you keep religion out of it, it has very enlighting messages of Human behaviour, suffering, interactions…

like for Solomon not being satisfied despite having everything.
David a “dwarf” killing a “giant”
Jesus is rejected and Barnabas being chosen
Noah and the flood.

I think Noah and the flood is not a poem, and if it is then it’s embedded in the truth rather than expression.

it’s unfortunate some texts/messages/passages/books were omitted/rephrased/spruced up…

Quite, grace is most elusive to those who lust after power.