Religious Diversity

The Problem of Religious Diversity was first stated back in the 18th Century, when the great English philosopher David Hume noted that the contrary claims of competing religions are mutually exclusive, and thus cannot all be true. Since there are a multitude of competing religions, and a multitude of equally credible yet contrary testimonies and scriptures, the probability that any given religion is true (and thus that any religion at all is true) is extraordinarily low. Consequently, it is highly probable that all religions are false.

The best explanation for the fact that different religions believe different things about God and the universe is that religion and God are human constructs that do not correspond to any metaphysical reality. It seems that religions are by no means eternal, and there are many examples of obsolete religions, such as the once powerful Greek, Roman and Norse polytheistic religions. This variability of religious affiliations suggest that the origins of religion lie in human beings and human societies, and not in the intervention of some divine being or cosmic truth. Some see religion as merely an early phase in the development of a culture or society, noting that it is often replaced with more rational or reasonable belief systems, such as science and philosophy.

Neither does it help to suggest that all religions are just different paths to the same truth: there are just too many contradictions between different religions, and the list of what all the major religions actually agree on is very short indeed. In fact, perhaps the only thing they all agree on is that everyone should have a religion and that their religion is the true one.

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Can humans do without some form of religion? Yes.
Why then are majority of humans religious? Because religion is not a creation of man.

Ngoja watoke kanisani…na wengine hangover ziishe.
Who said religion is the opium of the people? He must had an inkling about the intoxicating effects of religion on humans…

Religion is really a relic of the past that has been supported largely by mass ignorance. In the face of information of the 21st century it is struggling to survive in its various forms.
it is important to acknowledge that man has been dominated by absurd ignorance until very recently. 150 years ago even those in developed countries were treating diseases using exorcism and blood letting, hunting witches, and such other crazy guesswork kind of procedures. If you read a doctor’s diagnosis from 1800, its full of unbelievable nonsense. Against all odds, theories such as flat earth, geocentric universe, stars falling off the sky and such stupidity still prevailed among people. religion made sense then.

Which religion exactly? They are in the thousands so are they all not creations of man?