Religion of Peace my foot - The Taliban in East Africa.

Arab imperialist Islam caught on camera.

All these problems began when Uganda accepted Afghan refugees.

That one decision is now threatening the stability within the EAC.

Africans wake up ,Abrahamic religions have done nothing for us.

your opinion is not important honestly. religion is a personal choice

We can’t deny the facts.
Look at the kind of stupidity we have to deal with now.

As uncomfortable that is, it’s very true

why is it okay to stereotype muslims but not tribes?

Because I’m pro African not pro Arab.

Since I ditched Christianity, I have been at immense peace and I have grown in all dimensions. Abrahamic religions are all about control and guilt tripping. Where I live, 90% of the Churches are pubs and the ones that are active are either old white people or a handful of ADOS who can’t even reach 50. Out of the 3 Abrahamic religions, I really loathe Islam. Islam has turned Europe into a gangster paradise, a rape and pedo haven, a radicalization camp and stripped it of its glory. See Muslim majority areas in UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Islam defiles anything good and sows chaos. Islam is parasitic and disastrous. Islam should never be let anywhere near the future BANTU state. Spiritualism should be an alternative for religion for those who want it


If people claiming to be maasais,or zulus,went around decapitating,shooting and bombing folks all while invoking ‘god is great’,we would stereotype and fear them dont you think?

Ambia hii ghasia.

Meffi terrorists sympathizer. Dawa yenyu ni ATPU

A good Arab is a dead arab


Thank God for their incompetence they detonated in less crowded streets.
Hope ATPU ya huko iko on top of things na wakitaka usaidizi waseme waone how our world class terror liquidators will work on those brainwashed ISIS fools.

Tbh most of these migrants are from nations which has collapsed because of the west interference

Yes, you’re a guest so act accordingly.

Simple kama hawataki muzzies in their country they should not go on destroying their nations.

a great african leader would know what to do when faced with hio cancer… the african answer to the problem is soo simple…

Tuambie mkuu.What’s the final solution.

But Uganda has never set foot in Afghanistan so your argument, like the khaki lizard, holds no water.