religion is a scam


A very good walalo

When was Satan and the concept of Hell adopted in religion

Save yourself all the trouble. Kwenye umezaliwa, religion ya wazazi, fuata hio

Ju hauna choice ama ni akili haipatikani ya kujifikirilia ? Why follow something/someone because everyone’s doing it? [COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)][SIZE=1]Asking for jim jones[/SIZE]

Because some of us We tired of every propping out contradiction of whats right whats not.
Thats where silencing everything comes in

So you are neatly fixed in that box,no after thought,no questioning? Hmmm

simply, God as portrayed by religions is an asshole. I wonder why he had to send his son to die for a thing that he would have just used his mouth to correct because he is omnipotent.

Also it doesn’t make sense me living a good life in order to go to heaven while god already knows whether i will go to heaven or hell,because he is all-knowing

Unfortunately, it’s fear that religious teachers use to draw people to their idea of God. Personally I think it shouldn’t be so. We should reason together as humans and interrogate these things. I may not subscribe to specific religious belief, but I think it’s reasonable to believe there is a Supreme Power (call that God if you wish), that gives all life and takes it back when our time is done. Just because I can’t explain the intricacies of the origin of evil (Satan), doesn’t mean it isn’t there–everyone has experienced something unpleasant, that’s evil. Every religion tries to explain it, but with tales that don’t appeal to a questioning and critical mind. I think some questions simply can’t be answered because there isn’t enough known to man to answer them. It’s just that some people are afraid of admitting they don’t know.

You cant question that which you have no proof of

[SIZE=7]foreign religions are just fishy[/SIZE]


Hujui mambo ya Narok county, hujui kwa nini kenya na Somalia zinazozana, lakini unajua kila kitu kuhusu religion, na ushafanya uchunguzi wote na ukafanya conclusions, aje sasa? Kama maneno haikuelei sema sielewi, lakini apana fanya conclusion.
Wewe kiumbe ni nani ndio uambie mungu vile atafanyia shetani?

But putting your faith in things that you imagine is worse-er

Everybody asks this question at one time or another. Kuna swali mingi sana mimi hujiuliza na ikiwa kazi ni kudismiss maswali, then kufuata Mungu ni utumwa. Ofcourse we are all Ok with utumwa kwa Mungu but then, this free will thing becomes a sham.

RELIGION IS NOT A SCAM. There’s a reason it exists and all this is as a result of human beings attempting to address there spiritual aspect of existence.
Personally, I know that Jesus is Lord but I got to confess that it has never been my domain to being able to convince doubters(considering I was one) that He does exist. He is God and He will come back to this earth physically just as the Bible describes.
This is my first response to such a thread and I’m doing so because I came across a clip that might address this very question(personally I’ve not watched the video to completion… 3 mins at most) but I’m hoping it might be an answer to the ‘lost/unconvinced spiritual human beings’… maybe through the content or the comments that might accumulate over time you would be a ‘new creature.’

This might be the most valuable 'addition ’ I’ve placed on the internet. #OverNOut

Uyo kiumbe anaishia kwa mamake lakini anadai kushw Sir God venye atadeal na mende kama shetani


Does it matter?



The answer to that is either:
[li]God is unwilling (not merciful) or[/li][li]God is unable (not omnipotent)[/li][/ol]