Relax ...Kamwana is in charge


He is literary scoring own goals. My President is consciously and unknowingly confessing his own mistakes and corruption. Hiyo city ya Kenyatta’s lazima itajengwa mpende msipende until 2022 when his power ends. Referendum for breastfeed baba initiative will fall badly so constitution will remain the same. Just see how they are even afraid of by-elections.

Tano terror

Is this the confusion of the last days that the bible always talks about?

Heshima kwa rais. Hii kumchora na jicho nyanya should stop henceforth. Heshima si utumwa

Why do hustlers keep taking and posting such photos?
Aren’t they aware they are derailing the cause?

Jicho nyanya second pic

Uhuru has told us about stolen loot and cartels a few times. That is how much he hates Kenyans.

At least he is telling us, shouldn’t the Tangatanga team be outraged by this and demand to know who’s stealing ?

I can’t seem to find the video of that interview. Kuna mtu ako nayo because I prefer to see the original thing and not these translations and media articles

Mnaona akina @spear hapo juu vile wanageuka someone they voted thrice. These were niggas who used to shout hear daily ati “my preisdent” mara “simba1” . Ama mnafikiri tumesahau.

Now the narrative is uncle Ruto. SMH. Mtajua hustler ni wewe and other fools who will come here crying in 2022. I will be here to witness it all.

Hapa aliropokwa

all this panic was triggered by orengo’s speech yesterday. He got pissed of by his supporters and instead of consolidating his support he kicked them one by one and commanding the rest to toe the line. Then he proceeded to inherit supporting from his competitors only for him to be reminded it is either he fulfill his promise or they go. Panic kicks in and he desperately goes to look for support…will end in premium tears. He should ask why mps and senators are quitting to tangatanga and others have decided to go mute on BBI, they are abandoning a sinking ship

I have spent the whole day following up on the reactions of President Uhuru prerecorded radio address to his former political base of Central, Mt. Kenya region and diaspora Kikuyu’s everywhere else they are. It was a monumental failure. He burnt the last few votes he could reach. That guff has burnt him irreparably, losing 2 billion a day to corruption in a government he shouts loudly he controls fully alone. He can’t go back to say its all of us, he has literary burnt himself on issues corruption and finger pointing. Mwizi ni mwizi. Mwizi mkubwa amejisema, same way he bought the whole opposition through handcheque.

Dynasties amaze me, they are Hustler movement best campaign team. They are overworking to get us to power by huge popular peoples support. Let them keep it up.

Wewe na kunguru hakuna tofauti. Leo uko Simba1 kesho uko hustler bora unalipwa.

He’s a political prostitute

Ni nguruwe waiting to place it’s snout in the feeding trough come 2022. How do you spend a whole day “analysing?” Who will feed you? These kind of tribal leaches are what ails this country. They can sell their mothers for 30 pieces of silver. They know “DP Uncle Ruto” is a good for nothing thief who has never done an honest days job. He even steals his own people’s money for maize.

Thurakus have learned the heard way from their muthamaki.

You can’t lie to people all the time, he has destroyed the little respect that was remaining.

Baba is worse. He thinks wasting 14b on a failed self pleasing bbyai venture is a cheap experiment when health workers are on strike during a pandemic and the govt is broke. Konyagi sounds even worse losing 2b a day in a govt he controls. Against these FOOLS Ruto looks like a saint. Better the hustler than the two dynasties