Relationship and love gurus mnahitajika hapa.

Guys I have a girlfriend that I enjoy spending time with but when she travels I really don’t miss her. Yaani she’s been away for 2 weeks and am not desperately missing her like I used to before.Niko chill kabisa. Tumekaa na yeye for 1 year sai. It has reached a point I feel so guilty when she calls that i exaggerate how much I miss her filling her with false lamentation. So am starting to think I was overlooking this girls shortcomings when she’s around because of the love but now that she’s gone am relieved and spared the constant little let downs. Ama mnasemaje?

ujinga tulisema uandike kwa karatasi uwekee kwa mkia . jinga .

Picha ya girlfriend

We msee huleta your little feelings kila post. Ka huwezi have a civilised discussion,Peleka umalaya koinange.


Hiyo ni tricky sana. Anaeza kuwa Kenya Talk then I hit an unprecedented dry spell.

Marry her! It’s good that you are not emotional and you are using your bighead to think.

Kama hakuna feelings wachana na yeye

Familiarity breeds contempt

Don’t marry someone you can live with, but the one you can’t live without.

You’re officially married. Pole.

Feelings iko buda. Just that I have not missed her recently ndio why am wondering.

Hahahaha sheitan

Sentimentality and its accompaniments is a chemical defect found on the losing side

Inaitwa ndoa kwa kimombo

Any psychologist or marriage counselor will tell you that All battered women believe that!
I saw another comment you wrote about long distance relationships…
I’m beginning to worry about you @Purple .
Jokes aside, don’t let your fear of growing old alone in America lead you into desperation.
You may not know it but some of the things you say suggest to me that you are putting everything into this guy and throwing caution in the wind.
Only you hold your dignity and only you can give it away.

(Just remember I told you this)

Don’t take marriage advice from single people kama hawa ^^

Which are…?

For the 1,000th time I’m not single!

Gee thanks for the advice! Now who will advise you? :wink:

I can’t. No offence but hiyo advice ili sound so cringey.

You reaching the next phase of your relationship .ie. stability.