After 6 month of dating,one fine morning when relaxing on the couch,while she was plaiting her hair,she let go of the knot she was holding and said

“Kimakia,there is something I have been meaning to tell you”

I need to learn how to receive surprises coz at that moment before i told her to go ahead,I let out the silent fart,and went into deep thought.Is she pregnant,how much does she need this time,which furniture are we changing this time,which guy is trying to get into her pants this time …

Then I came to and told her am all ears dear.

She went ahead to confess that in her previous relationship she had procured abortions.I did not expect such.

Again into deep thought…and one last thought she must have raptured her ovaries that is why even after sessions and sessions of dry frying her she wasn’t getting pregnant.Relationship went south and we went our separate ways.

Sasa naona kwa profile ya whatisapp 2 handsome boys with a comment saying “Thengio Ngai”

Was i too fast to kick her out.

How men laugh , : hehehe

How female laugh, : SheSheshe

How Gay laugh, : Ghey Ghey Ghey

How lesbian laugh, : lesh lesh lesh

Miujiza hufanyika bro… Ungeendelea kukanyaga tu… Or maybe hao watoi sio wake :smiley: relax…

You were not compatible , wewe ulikuwa ukijalibu kumudunga miba,lakini yeye hakutaka ! Just friting with you , shootig bullets while she needed mortars !

she never p[rocured an abortion, she tested you and you failed. she wanted to know if you would love through thick and thin.

how wakandans laugh, : wawawawa

So she procured abortions and still got paged… but you emptied your bone marrow into her and no results… ama wacha tu

Good loss then who needs such psychopaths in their lives

Ni wewe ulitemwa na bado haujashikanisha. Dem gani akuanzie na za, “siku Fulani nilifanya abortions…”

Chizi ni chizi tu


how homosexuals laugh : kikikikikikikiki

Ukijua game yako ni B you don’t expose it before wanaume wa A.

you don’t get it, all ladies test their men. that’s normal, not psychopathy.

Please tell us this is sleep typing, and now wake up!

I know a lady that has done upwards of five abortions. She came from a very broken family and was very carefree, at one time she even said hataki watoto in life. Got a five-year injection or whatever huwa wanadungwa. I knew all this since I was banging her cousin and we used to hang out a lot and even drink in the house together. Now we ran into one another last month dame ako na Rav 4 akaniambia anatafuta mtoto seriously lakini hataki bwana. She has been trying for almost a year imabaki sasa kuenda fertillity clinic. Maybe huyo wako mliachana akapitia fertility clinic akapigwa boost. Ama shida iko kwako.

chief, next time just type in your mother tongue pris. sande sana…

mwambie hapa ni alpha males wamejaa tu. sio weak ass men kama yeye with small deeks :D:D:D

this is the most irrelevant piece of information in your story. sema tu dem alienda fertility clinic. sio lazima utushow yeye huenda huko na RAV4.

:D:D sawa buda