Reggae Squard

RECCE SQUAD break into Jimmy Wanjigi’s Muthaiga home in bid to arrest him after police recovered a cache of weapons

Naskia kwa k24 more detectives sent with sledge hammers. :D:D

Soon he will be vying for a seat, atafuata waiganjo na mugo wa wairimu


what is he afraid of?? I thot yeye ni mbirrionair and he can afford the best lawyers and bodyguards??

why do police allow people recording them?

He knows that the game is up.

the guys greatest weapon was anonymity. sasa dunia mzima inajua vile hata nyumba yake inakaa. I bet he will be forced to sell the house.


Nii ni noma!

But why is he hiding if he is innocent?

Pictures of this house/ residents ?