Reggae kama zamani

ngoma taaamu sana

[SIZE=6]Wailing Souls - Shark Attack[/SIZE]


Wailing souls walikua juu sana…


How we deteriorated from this to the crap called riddims and lovers rock is beyond my wildest imaginations!

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My first experience with Riddims was way back in the late 90s. Lallabella riddim they called it, courtesy of Reggae Time.

You hvae to move with the times. All genres of music have to change at some point.

israel vibrations, black uhuru, alpha blondy, stanley en turbines, culture, peter tosh remind mi of good old days time ya bellbottom, kiatu ya mbao na karedio one used to strap kama handbag. Ehee poleni sina mbicha


Reggae na miraa courtesy of mixed tape made by “Papa Lefty” (RIP) the previous Sunday afternoon in Club Brilliant. Alafu inauzwa 80 bob on the streets the follwing Monday and God knows i spent my pocket money on many a mixed tape! I would pay good money to hear the way Leftie used to pandisia revellers in Brilliant ukiskiza cassette unaskia ni kama ulikuwa huko down to the detail ya saa ile Sister Lucy arrived and when Isilii pose started war with Kangemi pose!..good old memories!

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Guess what the cat dragged in…King Lion Sounds…

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Riddims ziko juu sijui mnalalamikia nini…zingine kama akina “bookshelf riddim” zinatambulika hadi waleo…

Reminds me of:

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Hapo sawa @Ka-Buda mambo ma mixtape pale Uhuru radio station kwa Muturi na Ghetto electronics kwa Ghettoman Lucas… Good old days fi sure

My point exactly!

@Luther12, pic 1 I spent fare ya kwenda ocha, 50 bob to get that tape. Respect

Funny thing is, I’ve never been a huge fan of Culture but that song…that song…I just can’t explain it. I just like it. You’re welcome.

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This verse lifts my spirits,

These little hands and simple
fingers that I have
They were not made to ? no
tear, you hear?
But to move in this of kindness,
you see?
And to ? to help my brother
Brother better ? this life yeah,
oh yeah
It’s better to have a friend
than to need one
It’s better to find a friend than
to be in need
Lift up your brother, don’t you
put him down

Thanks bro, coz these are words of wisdom

peanut vendor riddim…takes me way way back

The greatest memories is the prowess of those reggae djs, Guys could mix the vinyl without listening on the queued track. Using the mixer only. Remembering DJ Izzo outta Jambo sounds & King Tubs outta Lions

Sammy stepper the DJ outta King lion sounds and not forgetting Dj last born outta nyanza hse

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Ma selekta wa Jambo na Shashamane walikuwa juu!! They could sync up them chunes real good!! Dutty Family does some mean roots reggae sets though.