Refuse to be a slave

Anyone selling you anything on credit sees you as a fool, and wants to make you his donkey, a slave. These solar and motorbike companies will not make a single sell if they operate on cash basis, because they are not offering any value for money. All the companies offering easy to access mobile loans, solar products and motorbikes on credit are owned by Chinese parasitic owners of capital. Avoid them

Building a house using cash is next to impossible unless uko corrupt

Maisha ni garama. Lipa madeni bila fujo.

What is back story of that pic… I have bn seeing allover social media.

Must you build a mansion?

Lending to such a man could be considered predatory lending…young fella probably got the old man to sign off on the deal so he could get a commission…poor man probably didn’t even understand the terms…I don’t blame him

na venye watu wanapenda fuliza. It has now even become hard to use mobile money because every person you want to send money to anakushow ati ohh, usitume kwa hii, iko na fuliza

wakenya wanataka kutimiza mahitaji yao sasa ivi, hawawezi ngoja kesho. Heri wakope leo jioni walipe kesho asubuhi

No but yes