Refurbished laptop vs brand new laptop

Give your own opinions and recommend shops

Mombasa computers and yellow apple technologies have decent new and refurbs

Safi sana

Refurbs ni mchezo wa pata potea. Unaeza bahatika upate mali safi na pia unaeza kuwa na bahati mbaya upate lappy imebeat. Its all about luck. An electronic device that has already passed through a person’s hands cant be trusted on matters quality and reliability.

To be on the safe side, get a new laptop.

Go for new, its always more rewarding to use newer generation processors as they are power efficient than their predecessors. Also budget for an after market SSD if the lapi comes with HDD in this day and age. I only know of TextBook Center for their Lenovo units, do window shopping at sarit

I do refurbished macbooks juu sina $1500

new one if you fancy looks. refurbished ones from ebay arent bad.

I prefer refurbished Desktop computer to brand new.
With laptops, new is better.
The parts in a Desktop can easily and quickly be replaced at a very cheap cost. Laptops have many problems, are very delicate.

But, the price of refurbished laptops made me start looking for one.

Refurbished desktops win hands down. Especially components. Currently I’m waiting for GPU prices to fall after crypto miners dispose them… it’s possible to get a killer GPU that serves nearly all of your needs at very cheap prices.

True. Usually laptop refurbs have an issue. Or 2. Like mine had a keyboard and battery issue.

Saruk Digital hapo Old Mutual Kimathi st have both options.

New any day, all day.

Kuna jamaa ilishika refurb at (an inflated cost of a new one ndio ale pesa. Gadget ilibeat after 15 months. Yet zile zilichukuliwa 3 years earlier bado ziko poa.

Kuna low spec lenovo yoga 11e refurbished nilichukua na 18k in the year 2017.Ime last longer kushinda hp pavillion x360 nili buy brand new.It has never had a single issue.Mtoi amei angusha mara kadhaa kwa floor though floor iko na carpet.The hp on the other hand nime change battery,charging cable pia ilikataa ku fanya,shift button pia iliwai jam from nowhere.
Hio lenovo hunabamba.i carry it with me every where.I find it rugged visooori.Halafu am not a heavy gamer.As long as i can do microsoft excel ni hesabu pesa na niingie kwa app ya hikvision ku monitor bizz iko tu sawa.What i have realized is that there is no need to buy a high spec machine yenye you will use barely 20% of its maximum features and specs when you can spend a fraction of that on a lowerspec refurbished machine that will serve the same purpose.That extra money unaeza weka kwingine.

Kuna two purposes ya machine. In the real world and in the psychological world. Psychological as in, you will not be fully satisfied with your machine knowing it lacks some numbers. So ata machine ikilag tu kidogo ivi wewe utakua unaona ni kama ni specs

Where did you get it-refurb lenovo?

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I got it at Bigman computers along moi Avenue Nairobi they are located on 1st floor at a building opposite the former ebrahims supermarket. All their refurbs are ex UK and come with six months warranty.


I had to replace the battery of hp laptop yearly. Not anymore, I now use a lenovo with irreplaceable build in battery and have used it for 4 yrs now and so far so good. Looks like the battery technology improved.

Hizi warranty ni imbo. The only warranty I respect ni “no questions asked” refund policy. Na sijaona Kenya. Hapa inakuwanga caveat emptor.

Uziri ya desktop ni hio. You can have a desktop with an old case but its guts ina run core i9 cpu.