Refund for The Magnanimous Lady from London

I know I have really belaboured this point but I still insist. I do not understand why you should hound anybody to contribute their hard earned money to a person who has been bullying them online with the intention of driving them out of the forum.

The threats to expose dossiers and calling her a bimbo do not cut it. When you wanted her money she wasn’t a bimbo and there was no dossier then. Now that you got her money, she’s a bimbo to be exposed through dossiers.

My request is that you kindly reimburse this woman her money as she was hounded to contribute to a woman she did not want to contribute to bcz of said woman’s abrasive nature. The person who was being contributed to was back online insulting people shortly after the London Lady had been forced to contribute and that made her feel worse about her contribution bcz she was like this is just the same no good demon even when she’s suffered such terrible loss. No humility and gratitude for the financial support. Just the same old same old.

I am just requesting for the lady from London to be reimbursed her contribution as it was not voluntary. It was under undue duress since its public knowledge that the bereaved has given Madam London nothing but grief and hate.

Please just refund her money. Is all I am asking. The bereaved always wanted her out of the forum and she left.

Why don’t you also refund her money since she did not give it from heart, she just gave it to get the bereaved who was incessantly nagging her off her back.

Just refund her her money already. TIA.

Can you link the thread of the contributions please?

Not this crap again. Can you please leave @Nefertities alone. What’s wrong with you women. Let bygones be bygones. Upusu.

how much demoness?

Blubber, aweke amount hapa, some of us will even refund triple the amount. Upusu. Very petty.

swanschieth hii demoness needs a big stick between her legs ama hata kwa mkia

God will repay everyone according to their works because only He can judge all the intents and purposes of the heart, please.

pesa ilingia hats salamu huwa hutaki eh!?

God loves a cheerful giver not a manipulated one. Mama wa wenyewe arudishiwe pesa yake.

Can you please for once stop bitching around and provide the link towards the purported contribution??

Hii ni story gani??

Makena I thought ulisema you’re too much of a narcissist to even know or follow what others are doing? Sai umeingiza pua kwa biashara ya wengine. Your fake lies never seem to hold

Pesa ni zako? Kuna pesa ulipeana? Help us understand otherwise mind your business

This is cyber bullying vile huyo mama anafanya, which is totally unacceptable. Aweke how much walituma, tuta refund hio pesa. Upusu.

@TrumanCapote I know it is the Christian part of you that thinks that you have me cornered and that is why you can’t drop this.

I’m glad MFW complained about her contribution (which I didn’t even know about) because now she gets a refund.

Please tell her to let you know once she gets the cash. It’ll come through @Meria Mata and I hope you’ll post a thread on that too.

But I wonder, what will you use as a defense and offense next? You’ve worn this as a shield because you truly believed it was a “juicy” bit to run with. What will you do once it’s no longer there?

Wewe uko na roho kweli kweli mwenzetu. Juzi ukipoteza wapendwa mwenzetu alishangilia, na bado uko radhi kujibizana naye?

Mehemehe mob ni ya nini ?
Tell that mama in LONDON to tell us how much it was she was forced to give by whoever she talked to . We confirm and we remit it back to her .
It’s so simple.
It’s kind of annoying reading this every damn day.

Tell your friend to grow up. She’s a mother of twins for Godsakes.Who the hell asks for refunds for a funeral contribution she made over a year ago?

you know ,she relies on welfare, so hizo doo zilimuuma sana,hata zile alitolea yule lecturer Wa Egerton alizisema sana

:D:D:D:D:D Sasa mbona alitoa basi ? Who the hell even contributes for people they hate ? Najua alikuwa anataka recognition but too bad that the envelope didn’t reach nef with a list of names of the contributors.

Can please provide a link for such? The bitch made this post and doesnt want to provide any tiny bit of evidence