Refugee camp

This refugee camp will never be at par with klist
come again

its better than KenyanLost

kila kitu iko better…
admin :heavy_check_mark:
staff :heavy_check_mark:



wachana na hater mwambie aenede

Wewe highschooler sio wewe utaniabia kule nitaenda,i am here to stay na hii site sio ya mamako bana,umesikia

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Huyo sio wakatha(m)bi?

Hii ni Idp camp, fungua macho utaona.
[SIZE=6]But it will suffice for now[/SIZE]


Watu wanataka porn?

Hapa hatubanduki omwami ,hii kijiji inaaza kuleta shangwe.

Wakathambi waabie

But soon kina old monkey wataanza kulipwa a hundred thousand. Mimi nataka u mod

Long live ktalk.
Haters bury 'em in the sands of time.

Ooh ye of little faith! Where art thou faithfulness? Why forget your faithful wife (klist) for an adulterous woman (KTalk)?

As for me and my family, we are still waiting for Klist to resurrect. This is Babylon.


Coomer wewe aviator



Wewe ndio faithless.
Should hold steady fast waiting for klost not to be seen here but since you’re here means you have lost faith in klost.
And you’re very welcome and feel free to extend your stay.:wink:

ilovekenya ni nonsense…hakuna content and admin ni wajinga sana (kama wa klost)…was recently banned there…

Hehehe, pole. I guess you had also been expelled from KLost. Chunga sana lest you are also expelled from here. Fortunately, there will be a prize for the first suspendee here.

Am here coz I have nowhere else to go, just like IDPs.

And to assure you of my faith, today I have checked 4 times if klist is up.

Stay with us we will take of you;)

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