Redmi is a good budget phone.. I bought Redmi 13C( 8 GB/ 256GB) for 21,500 and this is my take

To me, it is a reliable phone to those who can’t afford high-end phones… Affordable and looks classy… Speed na camera pia iko sawa. Can;'t complain.


Shida ya simu siku hizi ni too many options. The only opportunity to make a choice between 2 phones is available only on the most expensive phones. Too many choices = no choice at all. Hio Redmi iko chonjo from the GSM spec sheet.

Very true. I own one and so far its very okay and cant complain. I bought the 4GB/128GB version for 16,200 when they were being launched and the experience has been great kabisa. Someone can think its a premium device not knowing its a budget device. The matte on the black version is a killer feature.

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Ungekamata redmi note 13

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I’m a dinosaur I don’t care about phones as long as they don’t hang. I hardly use any of the functions or apps anyways.


Indeed it has quite good reviews in terms of performance, battery Life, Camera and the design. Down side wanasema ni the Xiomi pre installed apps. Ukiwa poa tafuta Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G, 8GB/256GB. It’s a killer

Pre installed uninstall zote. Simu inabaki safi kabisa.

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The mediatek chip put me off this one, went for the redmi note 12 as my first xiaomi phone…one month in so far so good… Hoping to at least get to 2026

Bought the 13C as a gift when it came out… Issa decent phone…

Bora inaweza cheza Dreal League Soccer

Simu zimeland,

Hii kampuni imeingia market na fujo

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Hapa sawa. Phone ni phone. Najivunia techno spark 7. Dream league 2024 iko mufti.

@Lord_Wanaruona alisema hii ndio simu, naona uko na 5g na snap