Red Pills for Married Men

Contrary to what some guys have been spewing here, we cannot get into the western mindset of viewing our beautiful African sisters as whores and go all-savage on them. Women go through a lot to make them who they are and how they view men. I am a man and I am sure if I was born a woman (a good looking one), ningekuwa nimegawa kama ghasia. Does that make me a shimo ya jamii - no. I will mature and realize my worth as a woman and work on rebuilding my self-image. Also having been pitiad by a lot of guys, I will be a better judge of men.

Not all of us have hard a rough time with women as men. I am one of the guys who ramnyad chicks during my high school days. My count is beyond any conventional redpiller and I have never scored with a woman in exchange for money. I believe the lowest a man can get is buying a whore. In the west it’s understandable but in Kenya, no. Kenya has the loosest women ever and a man who can’t bang a good one is a total loser. Going redpill while Kenyan is the lowest one can get in the loser scoring scales.

In life you will need a companion and men who say they are going MGTOW are men doomed to live and die in mystery - such a waste of God’s gift which is LIFE. Pata bibi, then chapa yeye psychology hadi abadilike na aanze kujiheshimu. African women have real woman instincts. An African whore can change and change for good brothers.

I have no more words. Here’s the link: [MEDIA=reddit]marriedredpill/comments/9lx7i8[/MEDIA]

“we cannot get into the western mindset of viewing our beautiful African sisters as whores”…"Kenya has the loosest women ever "


Hii mambo ya red pill tuwekewe kwa pdf ama audiobooks sasa. It feels like an entire course. Kila siku new “nuggets” being unearthed.

@TrumanCapote kuja unipee samary

You missed the point by miles brother. Kenya has women who are loose - they will give pussy easily but not because they are whores, mainly because they lack education on how to be woman. This education was taught to women in pre-colonial times. Nowadays it’s not. Talk to any teenager you might be fucking - they will say they are enjoying life and view it that way. They don’t see it a whorish until later in life. Forget the biblical wisdom of one becoming wise through prayer, to become wise you must have been stupid and made alot of mistakes. A sword becomes sharp with stone. A woman might be a slut in her late teens and early 20s but might wake up by the late 20s or early 30s.
It is while they are this stupid for a short while that any nigga should fuck em instead of going redpill and MGTOW.

Niaje professor kapantie?

Ati redpills for married men… :D:D:D:D… Uta-tafuta pesa ama utaanza ku-memorize tips and tricks on how to keep mama-watoto from leaving you once she gets bored…

Buda, once you get married is when you transition from being a player to being a provider… There are no redpills here; the government, via divorce laws, grants power to women by default…

Marriage is the certificate for provision… And redpill 101 is that women aren’t attracted to providers.

If you’re married, try to become the best father and provider to your kids for this is the only reward of marriage… If you married for other reasons, ole wako

Another broken kabat

Hehehe preach this to our younger brothers who rush to marriage to gain access to ‘unlimited sex’ …hapo ndio unachapwa 10-nil unabaki ukiandika hekaya

Sadly, younger brothers wako blue-pilled ajab… With time, they’ll come to the light…

But for the married folks, be the best father to your children as it is the only consolation to providing; unlimited sex isn’t.

Marriage is the land of obligatory and Pavlovian sex as the wife keeps you in the plantation

I even overheard that once a woman closes the chapter ya kuzaa even the sex goes out of the window…shait!

This is NOT true.

not at all…kwanza kuna tumama twingine tukifika 45 tunaingiwa na ibilisi ya eros,himeros na pothos

There iz nothing like married redpill. Is just redpill. Usioe singomatha. Usioe malaya. Usidanganye watoto wakubali wasichana kama kina Waeni kuwaoa.

Redpill applies to all men, Kenyan, Tunisian, Irish, Eskimo, Samoan, Caribbean, Russian, Maasai, Giriama whatever have you. And it applies to you.

@uwesmake ,ebu kuja you confirm,how true this is.

Redpill is the thoughts and ideas of dehumanizing females and labeling them as weak and sensitive emotional beings, its a term created by right wing unattractive lonely whitemen who were neglected by their mothers, so they thing women owe them sex while simultaneously calling them whores and degenerates. Just another case of people who are not aware of the fact that love and human connection is a two way street.

As Africans we would strive to be better than these sad lonely and childish men who view the world on a black and white lens, We’re not dumb enough to even consider half the population as second class citizens

This is what we call hitting the wall.shenziii…

Amesema nini?

When you internalize this whole Red Pill philosophy and similar ideologies you realize that men spend so much time and effort trying to understand how to handle and interact with women as opposed to just being devoted to their personal wellbeing, self improvement and just becoming wholesome gents. It is quite interesting when you think about it.

Are you trolling ama nini hii?

Redpill simply tells men the truth:

That over 90% of all battle deaths have been male, deaths at place of work = male, homelessness = male, genetic studies on Y haplotypes and Mitochondrial DNA suggest 80% male genome did not penetrate to the present human communities, 50th centile man is below average according to 80% of women: in fact on dating apps, 80% of women go for 20% of men, DNA testing for checking paternity is illegal in most situations, women are programmed to be promiscuos with alphas when fertile (alpha fucks), and move on to betas to help her bring up the alpha kids (beta bucks) not that they all follow that program but you should be aware they are programmed that way…and many other truths.

Not about hating on your sister, just informing you about her nature to avoid making stupid blunders.