Red devils first signing


Hamna aibu ku sign a player from Swansea. Mind u this is club that signs players from big clubs…Lmfaoooo

Looks like a good signing…

We signed CR7 from a junior club in Portuguese league we signed Young from Villa and they got him from Watford we signed Van Persie from gunners and they got him from feyenoord and now he is back in feyenoord

Kanakaa beta male huyu. Not trophy winning material.

Salah can be frisked pale Heathrow wakidhani ni terrorist …actually he is on the pitch

Good signing sasa wauze pobga, lingard, matic, David De gea,

Hes a pensioner now…

Wewe msee, kwa multibet mtu akishinda bet zote alafu game moja ikuwe postponed kunaendaje?

Kama imekuwa postponed na itachezwa at a later date like within a week, hio inabidi utegee. Kama haina future date huwa wanatoa hio odd kwa game, total inapunguka unarushiwa remainder…

Una piga kelele na next season tuko pamoja na wewe Europa League.

How good does it look?

Wait for 72 hours :smiley:

Where did spurs got Delle Ali championship. Where did Liverpool got Robertson from relegated Hull city. Hawa player wa championship ni player wako na hunger for success and they will do anything for the team
Harry Kane was from Academy and he is one of the most lethal striker in EPL. Adebayor and soldado were top buck striker their impact was zero.
Sanchez,Oezil, na Gareth Bale are pain in the ass of the team. Clubs are trying to offload them lakini wamekataa kwenda because their are protected under contract.

wanawekea hiyo game odd ya 1.00 then unapewa pesa yako

Nmecheki game will be played today at 1am. So should I wait or go take my money

itabidi ungoje ichezwe…all the best

Ni hio Charleston Battery vs Atlanta United FC. Nimebet under 2.5.

Hizo zingine zimeivana… niliweka 2€. Expected win ni 51€

@Panyaste wako na online betting. Ile maneno jubilee wametuonyesha naona nikianza kubet site za majuuuste.

yes… but u have to be in the EU zone