Red Bull Racing Honda Tribute

@captain obvious Tribute liveries huwa swara, unaonaje hii weekend?

Honda deserves a special tribute. They’ve given Red Bull the resources to challenge for a world championship for the first time in nearly a decade. I feel a little sorry for Honda though coz they tend to leave Formula 1 just when their hard work is beginning to pay off. In 2008 the team announced it would be leaving F1 due to the global financial crisis. Ross Brawn then led a buyout of Honda Racing F1 Team. In 2009, the Brawn GP team won the world championship in its first year in F1. History seems to be repeating itself in 2021.

This year stakes ziko juu, From Hamilton to Verstappen/Honda. The next races will definitely be epic, kwanza vile both frontrunners have capable machinery.

Max was always a cute boi hehehe he deserves a WDC this year