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Hekaya by @kawambui

@Algernon. or @Algernon you asked for this.
many moons and seasons have passed but i still remember like it happened today.
i was a scrawny rat ass wimp of a boy,who everybody picked on. even those big breasted girls we were schooling with. until my mother intervened,she told me if anybody picked on me and beat me she will beat me up so i had to stand up like a man she suspected i was.
so i became ferocius like a bukusu shepherd and ruthless like hitler,i woould beat anybody twice my size if i didnt like their look. i would use anything and everything,my favourite was gor mahia fans favourite(african bullets).
i used to look a look after our only head of cattle,we had christened her Monica.
one day as i was grazing the zebu it hapenned to eat some maize stalks on my science teacher’s plot of land.
unluckly for me the teacher was around,so he thought he will dispense instant punishment. he gave me two hot slaps and a sweep but when i rose i called him all manner of vile names i had mastered.
what incensed him was me calling him *******.
I went home only to find my mother had got wind of my crimes(gossip travelled even faster back then,pre phone era).
the punishment for grazing the cows on maize stalks was 20 strokes each,i had grazed on 27 stalks(do the math this is how it came to be my favourite number). the punishment for disrespecting the teacher was 30 strokes of the cane for the next one month.
my mother never made idle threats,i think she used to refer to the navy seals instructions manual.
i wonder if i was brought up by akina @Nefertities or @unicorn how i would have turned.
i was sent to go and look for a cane worth beating an offender of my calibre.
the young man of eleven with a sense of adventure like christopher colombus,a steel will like kimathi wa chiuri and a determination like baba akafanya hesabu akaona apana.
i decided to run away from home and go to the farthest place where my good mum could not reach me.
i ruled out karatina,nyeri,kiamatawa and nyahururu(my mums birth place is near this town).
so i faced east,i walked to nanyuki(i had a sleepover at karicheni). it was my first time to sleep under the stars . my big vission was to go to middle east and become a warlord(i started admiring the arabs a long time ago).
on reaching nanyuki,i became a street boy. i had to learn first or perish.
with my albert einstein like brain and my ferocity,i had to make it by either hook or crook.
i started by becoming a bebabeba hapo soko mzee,i vowed i would never eat from the dumpsite like the dogs.
by the end of first month,i had hiked the price the bebabeba were getting and anybody who didnt conform was beaten senseless then chasen from the tuft.
by the second month i had graduated to petty crimes(stealing side mirrors/anything portable left in an open car,pick pocketing the drunks…). i formed my own gang,i dethroned the pre existing king pins.
this where my fortunes changed,i got noticed by one of the ghetto mafia bosses.
i got employed in his video show to be collecting the charges(kids paid 2:50,adults 5).
on the top of the building there was a brothel(a gold mine).
since i had access,i automatically became a pimp. those shy guys who are even afraid to approach the flesh vendors would send me. i used to get commisions from the seller and the buyer. i was rich,cunning and untouchable. i felt what it feels to be on the top of the world.
there was this woman,fugly as hell. she was rumoured to have that disease(muneck/ukimwi).
she approached me and offered a business proposal.
she will triple my cut if i would refer all those green,shy customers to her. that was a deal i couldnt bypass.
for the deal to go through she will have to pay me some deposit up front,i had been taught nothing was for free.
she didnt have cash but money can take many forms i explained to her. the only thing she had that was close to money and i actually wanted was the magical pond.
we struck a deal.
i tell you that is the nearest i have ever been to heaven.
playing with boobs for sexual purposes,it was history in the making.
i put on a yokahama but if you have ever tried your dad’s/mum’s shoe you know they cant fit.
i had to go in without the protective gear.
up to today i can never explain why she fell asleep during the session but i pumped until i dripped sweat of my back. the deal was sealed and that is the genesis of my r/ship with the flesh vendors.
this hekaya is becoming too long, part two summary.
i helped her leave the biz and start other legitimate businesses.
i went back home,got my 540 +900 strokes,reformed and went back to school.
i landed at thika high but things were never the same again.
i was a street boy for nine months only.
i will always profusely thank my mum kwa kunipiga msasa

Leta part 2

Hahahaha. Nice one. Dig out more

hii inakaa fiction and real at the same time…

:D:D hiyo story ya kuwa street kid crossed my mind whenever the strokes became too unbearable in the 90’s growing up. I however wonder how we would turn out without those strokes…

:D:DNmekwama hapo kwa muneck


@Algernon aka @Slartibartfast aka @Redskirlet aka etc I miss you. Come back.

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