Recycle Galore: How exam cheating scandal was successful overturned.

Very funny hekaya by @pipita

Today I got a Facebook friend request and as usual I did the mandatory background check since I don’t accept requests from strangers. The face looked familiar but the name was lost from my memory. Then I decided to read the comments in the profile pick and baam!! I got the character’s name. I never knewnbhis official names back then and we all referred to him as Churchill due to the facial similarity to mwalimu king’ang’i plus a man of very many words kama @Jirani.
I got to campus when Churchill was a second year and was the typical campus go getter who would spend days in the students centre playing pool save for campus election periods when his bearings changed with regard to where election freebies were being served mostly illicit brew and weed to stimulate lost elements into praising a contestant’s name among confused first years.
There were very many students like Churchill who spent most their days wasting on cheap brew and playing pool at the students centre and only appeared in class during cats and exams. However the worst were career students who due to one reason or another had swindled fees in booze and pu**y bearers thus unable to continue with studies. worse was of a friend who I remember despite being a teetotaller spent all his money on impressing his super model girlfriend. Ninja was pursuing something to do with criminal justice while his mwoman undertook economics and statistics. jamaa cohabitated with the wife maintaining him with food, drinks, outs and gifts using his fee hadi tukamaliza shule. Funny enough after shule kuisha dame ali graduate, got a job and forgot the dumb ass nigger while the nigger had nothing else to show for the four academic years except a second hand motor cycle. The last time I heard that he joined NYS.
Now back to our main story. It so happened that in this group of student centre idlers some had clean academic records with no discontinuations, no missing marks and no fails courtesy of natural selection and so was Churchill. While in final year one exams, I shared the same exam hall with Churchill and happened to sit two seats behind him but on a different row. nigger was very much calm exuding confidence. By then he was undertaking management theory which was taught and supervised by a no nonsense Kalenjin who also topped as the faculty dean whom I later came to learn was called Lang’at. Lang’at was an SDA hence the strictness and was once rumoured to have taken a lady to the senate for writing a love note to him and leaving it in the exam sheet. The lady was suspended I don’t know on which grounds. In the same first year, Lang’at made one of my female classmates get discontinued since she had made inscriptions on her hand and entered with the inscriptions on the exam room. The lady was also a Kale but charismatic Lang’at alimpiga picha ya alleged hand and was used against her as evidence in the senate. she was also discontinued. So the whole school trembled when Lang’at supervised. Heri mtu upate fail than get a discontinuation.
So on this day Churchill seemed to be nursing a hungover due to the fatigue look in his eyes. However with regard to the exam jamaa alikua ametulia kama @Meria Mata ndani ya trailer juu hii kitu hatujaanza Leo. funny thing is that both we and Churchill knew hajasoma. exam ika anza, after 30 mins kila mtu ako absorbed jamaa aka anza business as usual, copying from a photocopied and compressed handout. The paper was going on well until I got started by Lang’at’s stern voice “kijana leta huyo mwakenya hapa”. Yeye nani, akameza the compressed handout. a bitter struggled broke out Lang’at anamfinya mdomo atoe ye anafight kumeza till he was successful then the next drill was to run out of the exam room with exam card and student ID. However Churchill’s success was short lived as another lecturer who had been following the commotion tripped him aka angusha particulars. He managed to pick himself up and takeoff but the evidence had been left behind.
Tulimaliza hzo exams tukaenda home, come next semester all notice boards had details of Churchill’s registration number requesting him to see the Dean of Faculty, Mr Lang’at. He managed to see the Dean and was served by a dully signed and rubber stamped letter to face the senate in two months time. hapa ndo sasa the chicken came to roost. After siku ya senate disciplinary committee hearing, Churchill resumed school much to our astonishment and akaendelea shule as usual. So we asked him how it went.
So the ninja narrated that he looked for a very beautiful Lanye. More beautiful than the ordinary @Ebony curves and @Female Perspective waka andamana hadi Senate. ikafika time ya kujitetea Churchill akasema the Dean had been eyeing his girlfriend then akakataliwa and had promised him he will do everything in his power to make his life miserable. The lady was the said witness in the exam cum love fiasco and she confirmed indeed it was true. Wakauliza ninja ka ali kuwa anaibia and as usual it was 3D. Deny deny deny. akaulizwe to substantiate his claim akashindwa. The senate turned to the now boiling Lang’at akaulizwa if indeed Churchill’s hekaya was true and he declined too. akaulizwa claims to substantiate his exam cheating claim pia hakuwa na evidence. kesi ikatupiliwa nje on the basis of lacking sufficient evidence. Churchill threatened to take legal action against Lang’at in a court of law.
Lang’at being a staunch, faithful SDA married to his loving @Mrs4thletter ali aibishwa mbele ya his peers coz all stories were deemed true and false with a tinge of both truth and lies. The same week the DVC as the acting VC posted a memo to remind teaching staff to abhor all personal relationships with students. coincidentally the scandal took place during the same period that the rejected and disciplined chiq was resuming school after serving her suspension. The dean became the talk of the school between students and the staff. However, the incident left a very bitter taste in Lang’at’s mouth and from that day he became more hardened than steel. after that ali shika another ninja cheating then mjinga akameza. akamshika hadi tao for a scan to show that he had swallowed evidence. poor hustler was discontinued.

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Lang’at sounds like a character from JKUAT Sio?

Wah noma

Hizi drama mingi ya upuzi ya campus. Anyway kuna watu kama hawa hii dunia

Lemmi guess hapo ni JKUAT?

So I wasn’t the only one. Hii hekaya ni legendary and the lec in question niliwacha akiwa mtiaji when I was there class of '12.

Nope. Hapo ni Egerton uni

JKUAT also has the same HEKAYA and also some lec alikuwa vivyo ivyo.

Angusha Hekaya basi

Unaongelea Mr Mining?

pure bullshitttttt :D:D:D:D