Recruiting NASA Agents!

Team UOTP,as you all know we have to protect our votes by all cost come 17/10.As part of our strategy we will not be engaging the services of paid agents rather we want men and women who will volunteer their time and resources to see that we send Jubilee home.Towards this end let me know how many talkers would like to go the extra mile and be part of our poll agents countrywide?
Am making a passionate appeal to all Nasarites to come out behind your computer screens,stand out and be counted as part of our super warrior team,the reconnaissance team,the tactical, the team that will carry the victory home.It take me and you to make this happen.
Please confirm and confirm the location you would want to represent us.Inbox if you need more info.

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No tx u

Msoto ikiknock door…


Nikupigie kura, nikulindie kura, kakinuka nikupigie watu, ala! Kweli hii Canaan ni kama kazi ya mjengo, mateso tupu.


Unaongea aje kama @Art,kwanza alikula msitari at my instigation,kama hii ni handle ingine ya huyo moses kuria ata hii itakula msitari tu.

Fake news madam.

I don’t see how this concerns you,please stick to your lane.

mkubwa ulifika armstedam

Amsterdam nilifika na nikarudi,Lazima nikafinyie baba campaign kwa hali na mali.

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Madam if it walks like a duck ,swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck probably its a duck ,let me change my lane.


Umesahau wakukamulie bibi… cc: Ruben Ndolo.


This a voluntary job,you get paid nothing you pay nothing as simple as that,but since you are used to the kitu kidogo regimen you will find this too hard to swallow.

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voluntary job? hahaha. Remember Orengo shamefully said their agents had refused to submit Form 34As because they weren’t paid?

Good luck in getting volunteers.


May Amadioha forgive you,yes it is a Voluntary job.

Talking about port in the storm?

waaa,hizo masweeps moto kaa madazi za mathare


Muitishe watu pesa ya paybill, george soros awarushie pesa, pesa ya county na billion za babuon na bado hamuezi gawia sufferer pesa. Mnataka awalindie kura for free wakule mawe for breakfast, lunch na supper?
Kuweni serious. Ata moses aligonga jiwe ikatoa maji atleast gongeni mawe mahali itoke changaa…at least.


Team jicho nyanya keep off!

I’ll send my little contribution of 1k leo jioni… If need be ill camp in naka primary on 17th or whatever date in order to forsee a fair process in the voting day


Nitatuma pesa jioni Leo. Question how many polling stations are there ? And how many agents are needed ?