Recording oneself

There’s a whatsapp clip I have seen from my work mate …of a girl drinking a guarana and being
fingered in a car…clearly the guy doesn’t show his face …but the chick is recognizable…

Whats up with craze of recording sexual activities nowadays ??..and most guys are very clever they do the recording but hide their faces

Blonde season come early :confused::confused::confused:


Link ama video ni Muhimu sana hapa my dear.


vile ka-buda amesema hapo juu

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someone came up to you and said " hey look at this video of a chic being fingered" and you willingly obliged? purr, you are meant to be the good one in this village! :frowning:


And in all fairness, you have to make a sex-tape atleast once in your life. its fun.
*note to self, burn camcorder before selling on olx

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Recording yourself is the in-thing and its such a turn-on.
I have endless clips of me and most of my exes and they come in very “Handy” after you break up. Nothing can give you more satisfaction than to wank to a video of you Humping a woman who won`t even talk to you anymore… Oh sweet memories…

Here is one that i made earlier…

Kikikikikiiiiiiiiiikiiikiiikikkiiiiiii… Like i would post a video of my Babymomma for you pervs to wank on?.. kikikikiiikiiiikiiikkkkkiiiiii…


vile kabuda anadai

Upload the video we also express our shock. How could he? Let us see that despicable act and condemn it


I am also very disappointed in you @Purr_27 .You are the voice of Reason and a Pillar of the KTalk community! What is the world cumming to?


I have my share of self recorded porn clips. It’s very easy to record them with today’s powerful phone cameras. You do it discreetly but I have to admit I was caught in the act once and the mpango I was with didn’t like it and the session ended with lots of tension despite my profuse apologies.

people being fingered in the car apparently!:smiley:

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my sentiments exactly,i have a sex tape i wank to when i get tired of conventional porn,nothing is more arousing than wanking to memories on video

Bullshit!!! Come up with something brilliant or do you just want to be fingered? I can figure your brains to come up with better threads

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Sijasoma past hapo. Where is it??? Kwanza leta, kesi baadae.

Asked the 40 years old Virgin…


Dont talk to our @Purr_27 like that you belly-button-is-longer-than-your-dick monkey! learn to respect your elders. And learn how to spell finger!

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Nkt! wazee wazima mkifanya huu upuzi, watoto wa shule wata fanya?

it is like you are planning on making one my dear.
i will be waiting.
life is one big joke if you take it seriously you will die bored

Purr is a hotbed of disappointment. Wapi proof?

Sorry about my spelling nigga…idont finger bitches