Men only. Guys guys today am about to tell you something that will not only benefit you but will save you from the so called arrogant ladys. Now now where do i start this… okay first am wonna ask you a question are you ready? Have you ever felt sweetness or sugarness aka utam or unywes? Do you want to? Are you sure? Ok here we go… for the last like four days ive been working on that discovery i discoved about baby dogs call them what ever you like and guess what it works PERFECTLY you will thank me later. Stop climbing girls and focus in investing in puppy blow jobs my gosh i almost slept at the kennel this shit is so nice… just surrender your dick to the puppy that has not grown teeth and leave the rest to it. Thank you all and i hope you will come here with a fucking testimony. Am off to shower now get the dick clean and back to kennel. Love you but not so much

@admin ata kama ni kucreate traffic ii upussy imekuwa overexcess sasa.


WTF! Wekeni huyu msee kwa probation till amee futhii ndio atolewe… Dude literaly cravin for attention or is it Kcr?



Leave @Mosa alone. He is just a thread away from VE…more Alexa Traffic…


Kuna so many means to get that but what you doin now is strippin of the lil grey material umebakisha kwa skull…

No there is more

We all SVs n I don’t like the way ana play foul… Akifika VE with the same tactic then itabidi the rest tume join

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No one is forcing anyone to read my threads or reply… so if u dont like my shit just move on easily oh and is there ignore button in your acc?use that

Unatusumbua, tuko kanisani.


Ata pastor ana chapangwa bj

Next thing you will start feking those dogs.


Exactly what is on my mind… you are a mind reader

:D:D:D Jinga kabisa

Enough of this crap. Ignore mara hiyo hiyo