reasons why Kenyan men don't like using Condoms

Kenyan men hate using condoms. Not all but majority of us. Personally, I mind my health hence I never take risks. I must wear my coat before I enter the battlefield. So ladies be wondering why men like ‘dipping their shumas’ in there raw. Why are some Kenyan men obsessed with ‘nyama kwa nyama’? Well it mostly depends on the strategic category a man finds himself in. Here are the most common reasons why dudes repel CDs:

  1. The ‘Huwezi kula peremende na karatasi’ ideology
    The number one reason men refuse to cover their tools before entering ‘punaniland’ is because of the misconceived notion – CDS take away the pleasurable sensation that comes with raw, bare uncovered and uninterrupted lungula. To some, Cds create unwanted obstacles.
    There’s a little truth to but it that’s no excuse to skip wearing a CD. Brands like Durex Natural Feeling Lubricated Condoms and Trust offer you complete protection you need without compromising the pleasure you are supposed to feel.

  2. He’s comfortable with you.
    Most of us guys will sometimes forego using condoms if we feel comfortable enough with the person we are shagging. Or if we feel like we know their track records well. This usually applies to the main chic or the wife. However, this one is also a lame excuse. In today’s world, you cannot afford to trust anyone. Cut the assumptions and cover your tools ninjas.

  3. Foolishness
    On some occasions, a man will not use a condom because he thinks a lady is ‘clean.’ It happens that sometimes by looking at a lady and her behavior, you are inclined to think she isn’t fucking around but you’ll be surprised at who the most principled of ladies sleep with. Do not be fooled. There are chic who look all decent and focused but sleep with makangas and ‘watu wa kushinda kwa base’. Exercise caution. Do not think with your dick.

  4. Fear of buying or borrowing
    Oh yes. Some men are too shy to buy CDs. They can’t just go to the shop or chemist and ask for one. I know of men who pass by the chemist several hours a day just to check if there are no other customers inside so they can enter. Grow up. If you are mature enough to have sex, you should also be mature enough to go to the counter and with a loud voice, ask that old lady to give your five packs of Trust condoms. Like a boss.

  5. Selfishness and carelessness
    There’s the selfish and careless group too. There are men who just don’t care whether a woman is clean or naa. All that matters for them is ‘the moment’- the sweetness. It’s common for such men to also insist on ‘pulling out’ or convince they women they sleep with take e-pills. Such men only fear pregnancies not HIV or STIs. They have a problem with using a little of their cash on condom purchases but won’t hesitate to give money for abortion. Fine, but good luck with your coughs and diarrhea in a few years time.

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