Reasonably Cheap Simba Cement

According to their wide spread advert on social media
50kgs Bag of cement is retailing at Ksh440 na pale kwa mhindi the cheapest hardware is Ksh600.
Additionally, the deliver to site in before end of 48 hours, after payment.

How genuine is this deal, am aware Kenya is full of conmen all over, what is your experience with their customer services?
for more details see the poster.

Si ujaribu alafu utuambie

Its conmanship

See another idoit anataka nioshwe, If its a genuine business, you don’t need to DM me privately


Deliver to site AFTER payment…nimeacha kusoma hapo.

Word ‘Cheap’ and 'cement '. .Enyewe we’re bonobos:D:D:D:D

Kumbe bado huyu mjamaa ako around

Lol ni ule Wawesh wa mushrooms, he must be hallucinating

Yaani hadi mushrooms iko na ukora? Mnahitaji maombi wadau.